Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

don't we all have them? i definitely do. since i've had a baby and i'm home a lot more (which i'm not complaining about!!!) i have developed even more guilty pleasures. one of them is tv. it's weird how you can just get sucked into a television show.  i mean you really feel like you know these people and you start to care about what's going on in their lives!! you feel for them, defend them and hope for them. it really is kinda sad. i mean, i know there are better things to do with your time. but it's like an addiction! ben and i have always had our favorite shows. but lately it seems like we keep adding to the list! we just love to have our family time at home. we sit on the couch, cuddling jack, eating dinner and watching our favorite characters on tv. now for all of you who are thinking we are lazy or couch potatoes or may think down on us b/c we do get so addicted i say to you " cast the first stone". j/k! i know tv probably isn't the best thing we could be doing with our time, and if it starts to interfere with our relationship with Christ, then we have a problem. but we have so much fun together indulging our guilty pleasure! besides, it's super cold outside, not like we can do anything out there! once spring and summer comes, we will be a lot busier and we won't have time for tv! but that's what dvr is for!!! 

so here are a few of our faves:

i mean, seriously. this show is amazing! we got into way after it started! we had to start by watching the seasons in order to catch up! the season premiere is tonight, and we are SO excited!!! 

another one: 

we just got into this one. like 2 weeks ago. but we love it. it's hilarious. and we actually really like the guy, even though he's mean! i definitely recommend it!

can't forget:

we all know jack bauer is incredible. i mean, he's like the man. we TiVo him every week! and no, we didn't name Jack after him!!! but not a bad idea. just kidding.

i absolutely LOVE this one. it's more my show than ben's.
i've been watching this one forever. it's so good. by far the best law and order series!

everyone loves this:

the funniest show on tv right now. we would all love to work at dunder mifflin!!

and my ALL time fave. ben really loves it too.

i have probably seen every episode 10 times and it NEVER gets old!!! it's hilarious. the best comedy that's ever been on tv. 

so there we have it. a few of our favorite shows. we also really like The Mentalist and American Idol. we don't watch all of these every day. but we try to keep up with them and watch the current seasons. they are just too good. FRIENDS isn't on tv anymore, but we own the seasons! so, we can indulge whenever we want! i really hope people don't think we are terrible b/c we enjoy tv. we do have lives, friends and family. and tv never comes before them. we just enjoy vesting a few hours each week into fake people's lives! what are your favorite shows?

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Jessica Kenney said...

I am so glad you have a blog now! I need to get better at updating mine! I would love to meet Jack one day!!!