Saturday, January 17, 2009

The One with the First Post

so i finally decided to create a blog.

i'm actually really excited about it. i've been telling myself that i would sit down and do it for at least a year. i kept saying i would do it when i was pregnant with Jack so that i could log so many pregnancy memories and experiences. but of course, i put it off. there was always a reason not too! but now that Jack is here, i'm determined to keep up with this. i want a digital way to look back over all his little moments in life. i LOVE that eventually i can create a book that comes straight from this blog! (i've been working on a digital wedding book for forever, i'm not very good at this!!!)

so, here it goes! my first post. i was hoping i would have something exciting to write about, but i don't. today's events have been filled with holding a fussy baby and a long trip to Walmart for groceries. i am excited about tonight. we are staying at home, out of the cold, and spending time as a family. i love these nights, they are my favorite way to wind down. we usually just sit around together on the couch watching tv and loving on jack. then tonight, we'll crawl in bed, feed Jack, and snuggle with him while we watch House. then i'll lay Jack down, and hopefully he'll sleep through the night!!!

the most newly exciting thing about my life is being Jack's mommy. i LOVE it. i have always dreamed of being married and having a baby. but i never dreamed it would be this wonderful. he is such a good baby. lately, he's had some bad gas and some terrible abdominal cramping, but dr bubba gave us some drops and put him on hypo-allergenic formula. he seems to think he may have an allergy to the cow's milk protein. but WOW, that stuff is expensive!! i'm so glad he only gets a bottle twice a day!! the drops and new formula have been so good for him. he's such a happy little boy. he loves to swing, and lay on his activity mat! he's "talking" and smiling so much now! and he is constantly kicking those legs and flailing those arms around! he always has been a busy baby, even in the womb. i find myself just staring at him during the day and thinking about how blessed i am to have him. he is such a sweet little gift to us.  

i guess i could write about christmas and new year's but i'll do that later. i've got to get started on dinner. so i'll just leave you with some fun pictures of my sweet boy.


travisandblair said...

OH my GOodness! I am so excited you have a blog now! THey are so fun! Check ours out! Love ya!

Shannon said...

Yea for your blog!!! Jack is precious!!!