Friday, February 27, 2009

Rice Cereal

so at our 4 month checkup, dr bubba gave me the ok to start Jack on rice cereal!!! so fun!! he told me to offer it once a day, offer as much as he wants. my mom said that none of us were interested in rice cereal until we were 6 months old. she warned me that he may not be into it, but with time, he would get it down. well, something told me that Jack would really enjoy rice cereal. he is such an aggressive eater, i really think he would just eat forever if i would let him and he gets upset when feeding time is over!! he really hates it when he has to burp, it's really quite hilarious! so, i was really excited to begin this little milestone with him! i tried it last thursday before his afternoon bottle and he LOVED it!! he just gobbled it up, i couldn't keep it coming fast enough! then he drank all 6 oz of his bottle and took a nice long 1.5 hour nap!!!! so mommy loves rice cereal too!!! here's a few pics of our first adventure in cereal!!!

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