Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacay 09!!!

so our trip to FL was incredible. we were so sad when it was over. it was so nice & relaxing to get out of town with no responsibilities of places to be or things to do. we were able to relax and unwind from the craziness of everyday life. we spent time together as a family, which is my favorite thing to do! jack was a great traveler & he really did so much better this time then when we went back in march. i think it was just because he's a little older now. he napped better & slept better at night. he was great during the day as we were bustling around ft. myers. he really is such a good baby. ben's family enjoyed him so much.

Jack & I spent a lot of time together at the pool. he loved it. he splashed, giggled & squealed in the water. we also went to the beach one day which was really fun. Jack was a little scared of the waves crashing against the shore. but once he got in the water, he did great. he was fascinated by the sand & all the people walking around on the beach. on saturday the 4th we grilled out and made butterfinger home made ice cream. so yummy. every other night of the week we went out to eat, which was a lot of fun. we went a few days at the different malls in ft. myers. ben, his brother & dad played golf 3 of the days we were there. we also just spent some time relaxing and napping at the condo. ben & i are so thankful for his parents & their generosity to us during the trip. the pedicure, golf expeditions, shopping sprees, dinners out & free travel was just such a blessing to us & very much a treat. not that things & gifts are important, they aren't. we always enjoy just getting to spend time with them. but its always fun to get a little spoiled. we never want to take them for granted. if they never do for us again, it won't matter to us, we love them & are so thankful that we have such a great family.

so here are a few pics from our trip. in random order.

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