Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He's Off!!!

i am so very excited to announce: JACK IS CRAWLING!!!!!! can you tell that we are pumped?! we've known it was coming really soon. he's been rocking back & forth on his knees, crawling backwards & even crawling forward a few times before stopping. but today, while i was babysitting, he saw a toy he wanted & he just took off across the room like it was nothing. i was so excited. i immediately called the hubs to tell him about our little genius & his new moves!

he is still a little slow at it, he hasn't quite figured out that he can just blaze around the house yet. but if he sees a toy or me across the room, he just crawls on over & grabs it. i love to see him get excited & work for something. he's so proud of himself. and i really love that he crawls on over to me & tugs on my leg so that i'll pick him up. aaahhh. be still my heart. that kid just melts me.

great job Jack!! we are sooo proud of you!! enjoy the adventure!


Emory said...

no turning back now! He is going to constantly be on the move from now on.

Katie Kubler said...

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I'm so ready to see him!! What are yall doing friday!? We may have some people over!

Shannon said...

Woo Hoo! Yea Jack. Audrey, life is going to be getting VERY exciting soon as he will be getting into EVERYTHING!

Jessica Kenney said...

How exciting!!! yay Jack! This is such a fun stage.