Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eventful Eleven Months

11 months old; i have an 11 month old son. what in the world?! i can't believe that in less than 5 weeks, our little Jack will be 1! no longer a baby boy, but will be moving into toddlerhood! insane. we have loved every moment of this past month. Jack has learned so much, tried to do so much & even learned he is going to have a little sister!! time flies these days. i'm truly trying to savor every single second i have with him.

My Jack,

you are such a big boy now. and you are the cutest, sweetest, funniest, best little 11 month boy on the planet. no lie. you are our joy & we could not be more crazy about you. everyone always asks us if you are always so sweet, playful & well tempered. and the truth is, you are. we are praying that our little Jovie will be as easy a baby to care for, as you have been. you are a dream.

at 11 months you love to:

* pull up on everything in your path
* crawl, very quickly, all over our house
* use your sippie cup. you are beginning to wean yourself off the bottle. during the day, we place your formula in your cup b/c you love to feed yourself
* milk. we've been trying it, once a day, for over a week. you are doing really well with it. we've already cut out 1 bottle and replaced it with whole milk. pretty soon, we'll cut out another bottle.
* drink from mommy & daddy's cup. and eat from our plate. you are so curious to try everything that we have
* eat: crackers, mashed potatoes (i now puree veggies & add it to your potatoes & you still love it.) fruit, bread, muffins, toddler ravioli, vanilla wafers & several other things. we're still trying to introduce you to new solid foods. you are hesitant but we're making progress
* play play play. you go strong all day long.
* giggle & make faces with us. you have learned to copy what we do & its so cute!
* water bottle cases. anytime i go to kroger & come home with a case of water bottles, you get so excited. i place it on the floor in the living room & you just pull up & crawl on top it. its hours of entertainment for you!
* your "God Made Me" and "God Made Animals" videos. you watch them once a day & they hold your attention really well
* bath time. as soon as we turn on the water, you start squealing & squirming to get to the tub. i think you would stay in there for an hour if we let you!
* moving your legs. anytime you get excited about anything & i you are sitting down, you just move those legs non-stop. everyone has noticed this & they think its so funny
* picking up & dropping everything. this is easily your favorite game!
* your bouncy seat. you spend a good bit of time in it everyday b/c it just makes you so happy.
* noggin. you love the cartoon Little Bill & Dora. you just get so serious when you watch them. its adorable!
* bouncy balls. you love to roll them across the floor & chase them
* mommy & daddy. we are still your favorite people & we love that. you just get so excited when we walk into a room. it just melts our hearts!

you don't love:

* green beans
* when we leave a room
* when you can't figure out a toy
* when you run out of juice or milk in your sippie cup. you can't figure out why its all gone.
* getting your diaper changed or changing your clothes. you hate sitting still for that long

you are a blessing. we are so excited about watching you become a big brother & raising a little sister for you. we enjoy everyday with you & we are just so thankful for your life. happy 11 months little boy. we love you to the moon & back!


JobandBrittany said...

jack looks like a little boy in this pic! meaning not a baby anymore. :(
(obviously he looks like a boy) haha i'm gonna stop now.

Paige Tillman said...

This is so sweet, and we are so excited you guys are having a girl. It's Awesome!!