Friday, September 25, 2009


if you can't tell from the obvious explosion of pink on this cake or by the name, then let me spell it out for you: WE'RE HAVING A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

we are absolutely so excited. to be honest, i was surprised. i was expecting to hear that it was little boy #2. but me & the hubs were wrong. we are so thrilled. i can't wait to go crazy & buy her humongous bows, frilly dresses & all things girly!! i think having both a boy & a girl will be perfect. i'm so happy that we'll be able to experience both genders. Jack & Jovie will be 15 months apart, so we'll definitely have our hands full, but it will be a blast.

little girl was such a ham during the ultrasound. she moved (a lot) when the tech didn't need her to & would not budge when the tech needed some movement from her!! but she is 100% healthy & growing right on target. we have to get another ultrasound in November to make sure her arms & legs are the correct measurements. she just wouldn't unclench enough for the tech to get accurate measurements. but from what she saw, she wasn't concerned at all. so PRAISE THE LORD!!! a healthy baby is all i was asking the Lord to give us.

ben is just thrilled. he couldn't wait to tell everyone today. we've had such a blessed day.

we LOVE you so much little girl & we can't wait to meet you!! she's due February 8! so bring on the countdown. i am now on the hunt for nursery items, (i'm thinking turquoise & red will be the color scheme) and a sweet little monogrammed gown for her to wear in the hospital!!!!

here's to Sugar & Spice and everything nice!!!


Audra said...

Yaaaaay! I'm so excited! Can't wait to see all the cute things you buy for the new room!

Emory said...

Congrats! You are going to have lots of fun picking out girly things

just the two of us! said...

she's already got me wrapped around her little finger! I can't wait to buy her little smocked and monogrammed dresses! yay for girls!

Shannon said...

Yay Auds. How fun to have a girl...I have a feeling I will never know about that. I agree with you, I think Hudson will be a GREAT boyfriend for Jovie. That is when we allow him to date. Praying for a healthy pregnancy girl!