Tuesday, September 22, 2009


i stumbled upon a blog last night. someone left me a comment on my last post telling me i should go to this site & pray for this family immediately. of course, i went to the blog. i read back to the beginning. it is the story of the Sullivan family.

brady & sara sullivan are a young couple. Sara found a lump in her breast & was later diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. (it has a specific name but i can't remember it). during her testing & biopsy process the doctors discovered that she was pregnant. she delivered their baby girl, chloe grace, 2 weeks ago. chloe was over 6 weeks premature. they had recently brought chloe home from the hospital when sara had a seizure. she was admitted to the hospital where she has been watched closely. i can't remember every single detail. i know she has been in a drug induced coma so the doctors could test her without causing more seizures. last night, her hubby brady, posted that the doctors believe sara is now brain dead. you can go to their blog: to read all about her story & her condition. the last post from brady was last night & he said that the doctors were going to do a few more tests but if there was no improvement today then they would officially declare her brain dead & take her off of life support. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that God would do a miracle & sara would recover. i can't imagine what brady must be going through. his young wife is dying and he has a newborn baby at home. he needs the peace of Christ right now. we know we serve a BIG God who is able to move & work in the life of this sweet family.

please pray for them & thank the Lord for health that you enjoy. you can click on her button on the right hand side of my blog and it will take you to her husband's blog. thank you.

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Amanda Lemonds said...

Hey I had an anonymous comment on my last blog post too asking me to go to their site and pray for them. I read some on it and it is so sad! My heart breaks for them!