Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jack's 1st Birthday Party!

on Saturday, October 24, we had Jack's 1st birthday party. it was so much fun. since his birthday is in the middle of fall (which i love!!) & 6 days before Halloween, i decided to go with a fall pumpkin theme. it was actually super easy for me to come up with decorations since there is an abundance of fall decor & pumpkins available right now, plus we got to keep everything we used. (mostly, some of it belonged to my mom). our house is not very big, at all, so my mom was sweet enough to let us host the festivities over at her place. Ben & I got up early that morning, packed up all of our stuff & headed over to my parents house to help get ready.

we had chilli, hot dogs, chips, tortilla roll ups, a pumpkin shaped cheese ball, cake, ice cream & apple cider! it was all so very yummy! we had so much fun just sitting around & hanging out with our friends, we don't get to do that as much as we used to, so we cherish those times!!

Jack got TONS of gifts. he got clothes, pajamas, shoes, toys, sippie cups, bowls, utensils, food, you name it, he probably got it!! it was so fun to watch him play with everything, even the wrapping paper & tissue! He wasn't to into his cake, which did not surprise me at all. he touched it a few times & i do think he enjoyed the taste of it, but not so much the consistency. he was pretty much over it after 5 minutes. we still managed to get a few cute pictures.

overall, Jack's 1st birthday party was a success. we didn't spend gobs of money & i didn't have fancy customized decor, but Jack didn't know the difference. he was surrounded by people who love him & wanted to celebrate his sweet 1st year of life. we are so blessed, to have Jack & to have so many people who love him so much! we can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays together!!!

here are a few pictures of our fun night:

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Shannon said...

It looks like ya'll had so much fun! I can't believe he is already 1. Where does the time go?