Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

we took Jack to his first pumpkin patch this week. (we didn't take him last year b/c he was only days old!) we had so much fun. we let him climb all over the pumpkins & he even let us snap a few cute pictures of him playing. we really enjoyed watching him explore & get so excited about all the pumpkins that he could pull up on. we picked out 1 large pumpkin for all of us and 1 baby pumpkin for Jack. we are thrilled to make this a family tradition; i can't wait to to take Jovie next year or for the many years ahead when Jack & Jovie will get excited about picking out their own pumpkins.

Family time is so precious & we treasure every moment together. (insert cheeseball here) but i'm soaking in every sweet day with Jack at every stage of his little life. i never want to look back & regret not taking enough time for him. its just the little things like trips to a pumpkin patch that create the best memories. aaahhhh. (cheesiness is now over)

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just the two of us! said...

can i just take this child home?! i love this baby.