Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am Blessed

nothing spectacular. nothing fabulous. nothing extraordinary. nothing exciting. this describes my life lately. church, lunch, naps, coupons, play, cook: all things i've done lately. but i'm just feeling so blessed & so fortunate & so content with life.

over & over again the Lord has so graciously showed me how blessed i am to be His. He has met EVERY one of our needs & then some. He is always good, always faithful, always long-suffering with me. He has fulfilled all of my dreams & i am living in a bubble of happiness. things are NOT perfect, not easy, we're not rolling in the cash & we certainly have stresses to deal with everyday but i am learning more & more about what it means to be thankful. i have been trying, everyday, to praise the Lord for all He has given me. i am especially thankful that we are all healthy.

i have come across story after story, blog after blog of people who are grieving & hurting or dealing with disease or death in their immediate families. we live in a broken world. i do not know or understand why the Lord has chosen to bless my family with good health, but i do not challenge Him or His blessings. its been hard for me to comprehend why i am so blessed but there are others, everywhere, who are hurting so much. i have felt so unworthy & humbled by His grace in my life. but i do know this: He is sovereign. i am no better or more deserving of His blessing than those who are hurting & He has blessed them with things that i might not ever receive but i am trying to be content with what i have.

i have an incredibly supportive & loving husband, a sweet energetic & fun little boy & i'm expecting a precious baby girl in less than 3 months. life is good for me. we are on a super tight budget & we don't have a lot of room in our house but thats just fine with me. i will take good health & a happy family over those things any day of the week.

i am enjoying every single second of motherhood. i really am. its the hardest job i've ever had but its just so rewarding & so worth it. i want to soak in every minute of Jack's life at every stage that he's in. i never want to look back on his childhood & wish that i had done more with him. i'm learning to put off house cleaning, computer time or things for myself so that i can spend time with Jack. those things can wait until he's napping or in bed for the night. i want to put his needs first & i want him to remember our play times together instead of him feeling ignored. when Jovie gets here, i know i might be stretched a little thin, but i'm ok with that. i'm so excited to have 2 kids. i'm looking forward to all the wonderful memories we will make with them. i know parenting is hard & there will be times that i want to pull my hair out but the Lord is here to guide us & help us to lead Jack & Jovie according to His will. Ben is an excellent husband & the Lord continues to remind me of how perfect ben is for me. my husband has been such a blessing & teaching tool in my life & he is the best dad to Jack, ever.

i really didn't mean for this to be a sappy cheesy post, i just wanted to sit down & keep a record of how thankful i am. i want to be able to look back on this & be encouraged on the days that i feel frustrated or defeated. Thank you Lord for what you have given me, help me to always be thankful for your hand in my life & may i never be ungrateful or discontented with what i have or the people in my life. Blessed by your name.

"Oh taste & see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!"
Psalm 34:8

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Shannon said...

Amen, amen, amen. Well said Audrey!

(and you cook the turkey at 350) =)