Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NO rest for the weary

(this is going to be lengthy!)

ok. my last few posts have been incredibly cheery. i mean, its (was) the holiday season & i do love my hubby & sweet boy so much. but i am also human & go through a whirlwind of pregnancy related emotions. (just ask my poor husband!) so i decided i would be super honest about the most frustrating (at least to me) aspect of pregnancy! this would be: NO SLEEP!!!!!!

i have given up on sleeping, ever again. i know, you non-pregnant people (aka everyone who reads this) probably think i'm being dramatic. especially you i-haven't-been-pregnant-yet people. but its true. carrying a 4 1/2 to 5 pound baby is exhausting. in every way. and when you lay down at night, you just want to rest & allow your body to sleep to catch up from a day of being pregnant!

in the first trimester, you are nauseated. or at least i was. if you weren't, don't tell me. so i would wake up in the night, a lot, to pee. i would instantly feel sea sick & want to puke. fast forward to the 2nd trimester. my heart burn begins now. if you didn't have heart burn, don't tell me that either. i mean i must sit up in bed & pop a pepcid every night & still no sweet relief. and now that i'm in the third trimester, (which P.S. the last 8 weeks are rough), my baby is so large (ok not really, she's average but she feels huge) that i have baby spanning the entire length of my belly. she is breech. or was, i think she still is. and her head feels like its in my lungs & her feet are happily positioned, one in each hip. her arms span the width of my tummy and she is the busiest kid ever. i just thought Jack was active. oh my word. Jovie has far surpassed him. she literally moves 80% of the day. sometimes i feel like she is doing a scissor kick or toe touch (the kind those dumb cheerleaders do in the air). other times it feels like she is fencing, swimming or just generally break dancing. now, during the day, i don't mind so much. i mean, it is really neat to feel your sweet baby moving around & knowing that there is precious life growing inside you. Praise the Lord that i can experience this. BUT at night, when i'm trying to catch that coveted sleep, not so fun. she literally wakes me at night with her insanity. and as soon as i lay down its like a cue card for her to get busy. it cracks ben up. you can see my belly jumping & moving in waves. oh my girl.

here is how my night went last night. (and this is pretty typical)

9 pm: get in bed. ben & i are currently watching season 2 of House (if you've never seen this show, do indulge yourself. you will not regret it!)

9:02 pm: Jovie begins aerobics.

9: 15 pm: Jovie takes a water break. but i must pee.

9:45 pm: Jovie begins break dancing

10:05 pm: Jovie sleeps. at least i think. but i must pee.

10:30 pm: ben is asleep. once he decides to go to sleep, it happens at lighting speed. seriously. he can fall asleep in less than 2 minutes. this has become annoying!

11:00 pm: Jovie has been still for 55 minutes. its a miracle. i'm beginning to drift off. but then i realize, i gotta pee!

11:10 pm: Jovie's late night gymnastics. she is rolling non stop.

11:30 pm: i'm still watching House. i'm sitting up b/c i can not breathe & i have heartburn. laying down just is not comfortable. and, of course, Jovie is moving.

11:45 pm: Jovie takes a break. but my heartburn is ridiculous. i'm still sitting straight up in bed. wide awake. but so tired. and now i have to pee.

12:45 am: Jovie has woken me up (i had only been asleep about 20 minutes). apparently, she doesn't like it when i somewhat lay down on my right side. and of course, since i'm awake, i should pee.

2 am: i've been asleep since 1 am. Jovie is still. but Jack wakes himself up coughing. he's fussing so i go in to lay him back down & comfort him. he goes back to sleep. i slouch down, just a bit, in bed & begin to rest my eyes.

4 am: i gotta pee!!! and Jovie decides since i'm up, to move it move it. but thank goodness, its only for about 10 minutes. i was able to go back to sleep by about 4:20.

5:45 am: Jack is coughing again. i get up & comfort him. and of course, pee. i check the house & turn up the heat. its 13 degrees outside! i find a bottle of water & hop back in bed. it takes me about 45 minutes to get comfortable, my mind is racing about all i have to get done today.

7:50 am: i wake up b/c i hear Jack stirring over the monitor. i get up to pee. my hubby is oh so peacefully sleeping. i lay back down in bed & Jack starts chatting around 8:10 am.

8:15 am: i get up with Jack.

and now here i am at 9:21 am. i've been up pretty much all night. Jack has been changed & had breakfast. i'm sitting on the couch with heavy eyes & exhausted body. i'm ready for Jovie to be here. i know i will be up at random hours to nurse her, but i don't care. at least when i sleep, i won't have heartburn or a baby in my lungs!!

i hope you made it through all of that. thank you for allowing me to vent. it really is somewhat comical. all of you non preggos better appreciate the gift of sleep! but i must say, all of the heartburn, sleeping sitting up & endless potty breaks are 100% worth it. i would do it all over again for my kids any day. i am thankful, trust me. i am. i am blessed & i know it. but i am also 8.5 months pregnant with a 14 month old! you should try it. i figure its ok for me to complain, every now & then! this will be over soon & i will have my sweet little girl to love on. thank you Lord!! being pregnant is a gift from the Lord, and i definitely think he enjoys watching us squirm a little bit!!

my big new year's resolution: do NOT get pregnant this year!! once Jovie is here, no more babies. at least for awhile. my body needs a break. my sweet friend Brittany, likes to tease me that i'll get pregnant this fall. but she is SO wrong. i will not. if i walk into Dr Williams office in August for my 6 month check up & she tells me i'm with child, then i will fall apart! not because a child is a burden, but b/c my body will probably disown me! i know i'm dramatic right now, but its my blog! the Lord is always in control & always able to see me through any situation. so i will deal. but i'm not worried. b/c i'm not getting pregnant this year. i'm not. brittany, stop laughing!

ok. i'm done. honestly, i just wanted to document a little bit of the craziness. it really is funny. at least i can nap during the day. sometimes. and coffee has become my friend. Thank goodness Dr Williams said i can have coffee. in moderation. i'm becoming addicted!

only 4.5 weeks to go!!! hurry up Jovie girl. hurry up! now, Mrs. Someone Else, i pass the baton on to you. get pregnant. i would love to read your posts about all of this!! plus, i need a pregnant friend or friend with a baby that lives here!!


Shannon said...

I love your new years resolution! Too funny.
Girl. you are so close. I totally understand how you are are getting close to the light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there

Audra said...

Bless your heart (and your lungs, stomach, and bladder). I've been praying for you, friend! You're ALMOST there!

Jessica Kenney said...

Too funny! Been there and can't believe I'm doing it a 3rd time! We are crazy!! But they are so worth it!

I am very jealous that you are so close!

Rachel said...

I feel the same way about needing other mommies close to me/us. No one else really ever gets it, even those poor, sweet, non-sleep-deprived husbands. Darn them and their ability to sleep through ANYTHING!

just the two of us! said...

this is hilarious! i can't wait for little jovie to get here! also, i hope this does not disappoint you, but I am NOT Mrs. Someone else. and i won't be for a while!

Brandie said...

I am right there with you!!!! 4-5 weeks isn't really a long time, but it sure does when you're in it! We can do it. :)

And this is sooo true--"No one else really ever gets it, even those poor, sweet, non-sleep-deprived husbands. Darn them and their ability to sleep through ANYTHING!"

Brandie said...

Oops, I meant it sure does FEEL LIKE it when you're in it!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Haha this is hilarious! I was sooo there a few weeks ago! Annabelle decided to stop sleeping through the night about a month before adelyn came!! Hang in there and remember how much better you feel when you get that baby out! :) how's your blood pressure stuff??

Ben and Audrey said...

thanks everyone!! i really am trying to have a good attitude about it!! i only have 4 weeks & 3 days to go!!!

ashley. so far my BP is good. but it could flare up at any time. i go back to the doctor tomorrow. hopefully it will be good then too!! thanks for asking!!