Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween is fun. its definitely not my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving & Christmas take the cake. but i enjoy Halloween b/c, to me, it kicks off the fall & holiday season. we don't decorate or go all out for Halloween. but we do let our kids dress up, mostly so we can take pictures of them!! ha!

this year, we did a few small things. and we had a blast. i love making memories with Jack & Jovie. this is the sweetest time of my life & i'm enjoying them so much. the week of Halloween we carved our pumpkin, played with pumpkin guts (the kids especially enjoyed that!) & went to see Ben at work so all the Lenny's workers could give Jack a couple pieces of candy & see them in their costumes! we also went to a Halloween party & Jack's granddad took him trick or treating to the houses in their cove!

here are a few pictures of our Halloween:

watching dada carve the pumpkin

eat some dinner while we carve

Jovie ate some orange while she watched dada. this girl LOVES oranges!

playing together so sweet while dada does all the work. ha! i love babies in just their diapers!

we carved a T for 2 reasons: first we love UT football & second b/c Jack's favorite letter is T. he loves to spot it & point it out everywhere!

our glowing T.

a tiger & a ladybug

how cute are they?! Jack loved his costume, he said "roar" every time he looked at it! Jovie did not love her little hat!
me & my little ladybug

me & Katie (Babe the Blue Ox. her hubby, Josh, went as Paul Bunyon!) at Lindsay & Ryan's Halloween party. Ben went dressed as a Lenny's worker & i was his "club sandwich. i looked ridiculous but my costume only cost $1.50 for the bread! Ben's costume was free since he works part time at his brother's Lenny's store!

me & my seesters in our silly outfits!!

we had a great Halloween. i love getting to spend the time with our family!

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Ashley Fisher :) said...

Jack and Jovie are precious as the tiger and ladybug!!!! Love it!