Friday, November 26, 2010

Jovie @ 10 Months

little girl, you are 10 months old. time flies when you are having fun. and you have been SO much fun. your little personality is shining through these days. you are very loving & cuddly, giving, fiesty, determined, silly, content & stubborn. there are some days that you test the very limits of my patience but i am thankful for your independent spirit! most of the time, you are very loving. we are so thankful for you. i am thankful for God's perfect timing b/c you are a blessing to our family.

at 10 months:

* you weigh 19lbs.
* you are in a size 3 diaper, size 2 shoe, size 9 months clothing.
* you take 5 bottles per day at about 7-8 oz each
* you eat solid food 2xce per day
* you LOVE oranges & green beans. they are easily your favorite foods. you also like: apples, carrots, squash, yogurt, oatmeal, toast, cheerios, cereal bar, french fries, mashed potatoes, applesauce, sweet potatoes & bananas. you are a great eater & i'm so thankful!
* you take 2 naps per day, morning & afternoon. they are about 1.5-2 hours each
* you sleep 12 hours each night. 8pm-8am
* occasionally, you will wake at 7 am for a bottle & then you want to go right back to sleep. i am more than ok with it!
* you love the bath
* you are great at independent play. you can entertain yourself for quite awhile with very little. as long as you are feeling well with a full belly, you are very content.
*you are into EVERYTHING. seriously. between you & brother, our house is a mess, all the time. you are crawling everywhere & pulling up on everything. you can stand alone for awhile.

you are basically WALKING!!! you have taken as much as 22 steps in a row. but, i wouldn't say you are walking full time. you still fall down & choose to crawl as your main method of getting somewhere. but, you walk more each day. its crazy!! i want you to slow down & quit growing up so fast!

you & Jack have such a sweet relationship. you play so well together. but, when he has irritated you too much or gets on your nerves, you let him know it. you give him kisses all day & follow him around the house constantly. he loves you so much & we love watching you play together.

you aren't a fan of the car seat these days. it doesn't take 10 minutes before you are screaming or grunting in disgust. but, the good news is that Jack can usually get you giggling! thank goodness most car rides aren't longer than 30 minutes!!

Jovie, you are the sweetest most adorable little girl i've ever met. you have a fun, lively spirit and a tender heart. you love momma, adore brother & light up for dadda. we are so thankful you are part of our little family. the past 10 months of being your mommy has been the most precious time of my life. you are such a blessing.

happy 10 months, baby doll. i love you so much.

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