Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jovie @ 11 Months

baby girl, you are 11 months old, already! my oh my, you are getting big & growing faster and faster each day. we are loving each moment with you & we look forward to watching you grow & learn. you are an absolute blessing. i could go on & on about how much i love you, but i'll spare you the mushy details, for now! =)

at 11 months, you are quite the handful. you have been walking for quite some time & there is NOTHING that you don't get in to. you are more curious than Jack at this point. you put everything in your mouth. you want to touch everything & see how it works. you love to walk around the house with an article of clothing draped over your head or around your neck. its like you are putting it on & you just walk around so proudly. its such a funny, quirky little trait. you love my purse & you try to pull everything out of it so you can play with it. you love to walk around the house, carrying something. it can be anything. (cars, cups, pacis, baby, bear, socks, hat, scarf, my phone or whatever you can get your hands on!) you are a total mess with SO much personality & we love it!

you absolutely adore your brother. he is the only one who can really get you giggling. you follow him around the house & mimic his actions. you love to play with his cars & trucks. you constantly give him hugs & kisses. you occasionally get frustrated with him, for various reasons, and when you do you give him a loud grunt. its hilarious b/c your face gets so red & you pout your lip! such a cute girl.

you are definitely going to be our less sensitive child. ha! it takes a little more to get your attention when we tell you no, but you are quick to respond. you HATE when dadda tells you no, you cry immediately. but you are a smarty pants & try to do it again. we've already had to pop your little hand twice & it was terribly hard to do! when you get into something, you have the most mischievous look on your face.

you weigh 20lbs 4 oz. (1 lb ahead of Jack when he was your age). you wear a size 4 diaper, size 2-3 shoe & a 6-12 month in clothing. in some things you can wear a 12 month, but that is rare. you have tons of auburn brown hair & dark greenish brown eyes. you have the most chunky, stubby little legs & we love it. you hate wearing socks,shoes & hats, you are always pulling them off. its pretty frustrating, especially in these sub-zero temps we've had lately! you have 2 bottom teeth & your top 2 teeth have just busted through the gums.

you are a GREAT eater. i have zero complaints. you will try anything we put in front of you. your very favorite foods are oranges & green beans. i am convinced that you will eat endless amounts of both. its hard not to give it to you with every meal b/c you love it so much! you also like: apples, chicken, french fries, carrots, corn, vanilla wafers, ravioli, bread, oatmeal, sweet potato & cereal bars. you have tried whole milk but we think you may have an intolerance for it, so we've laid off it for awhile. you take about 3-4 bottles each day that are 7-8 oz each. you eat solid foods 3 times per day. you still take 2 naps a day. and i really appreciate that! you nap around 11 am & 3 pm. for about 1.5-2 hours each time. you sleep from 8:30-7:30 each night. you are a great sleeper. Praise the Lord!

you are definitely a mommy's girl. but, i don't mind! i love that you love me so much. you love to play with dadda & give him kisses. you have such a sweet, loving disposition. we pray you keep that forever. you are THE squirmiest kid that i have EVER known. you can not stand to be tied down or held in public, you just want to get down & walk. you will make the most dramatic movements, throwing your head back or making your entire body go limp until we put you down! its hilarious & exhausting! you are always smiling & happy. everyone always tells me how you are such a happy girl. and you really are, you only cry if you are tired, poopy or hungry. you love bath time but you hate being dried off!

Jovie, you are the most precious baby girl. you walk around the house, talking & babbling all day. you have a sweet smile, adorable laugh & pitiful cry. you are cuddly, silly, funny & quirky. we have enjoyed you so much. we love watching you grow & learn. you have made us want to have another little girl, one day. you are a joy and a blessing. we pray that you come to know the Lord at an early age & that you serve Him all the days of your life.

Happy 11 months, sweet angel. i love you immensely.

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