Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sprinkles for Everyone

yesterday, while Jovie was taking her morning nap, i decided it was the perfect time to do a little Christmas baking with Jack. i've been looking forward to it for a long time. and we had so much fun together. the cookies don't look like Martha Stewart made them. they are messy, covered in sprinkles & uneven. but, Jack had a blast. and that's all that matters!

i made some sugar cookie dough from scratch & then we got busy adding A TON of sprinkles!

he loved to hold the spoon

his main job: batter taster

and he did not mind doing it!

our first batch, decorated & ready for the oven! i helped him with the sprinkles, this time.

they came out great. and SO yummy!

time to prep the 2nd batch. he wanted to use the sprinkles all by himself.

and things got a bit out of control! ha!

it's a good thing we like sprinkles around here

and here we have even more red sprinkles.

the 2nd batch. so pretty!!

Jack did a great job & we had so much fun together. i love making memories with my sweet boy, especially at Christmas time!


Andrea said...

I love the lump of sprinkles! So pretty!
~ Andrea (

travisandblair said...

This is awesome! I laughed out loud! It is so cute! You are such a good mommy! You even let him make the mess! I love this post! Thanks for sharing! Love you sweet cousin! Thanks for letting me be a LIL part of your Christmas, even though we are forever miles away! Your blog lets me get to know your children so one day, when we do get to hang out again, I'll know who they are! Love you so much!