Friday, March 25, 2011

Jovie @ 14 Months

my little love, you are 14 months old. part of me hates that you are growing so quickly. we are enjoying you so much right now & i just want you to be little forever. i feel like i say this in every single one of your monthly posts. but its so true!! you are my baby!

you are such a little smarty pants. it is amazing how many things you learn & pick up on just by watching Jack, me or dada. you copy so much of Jack's behavior, especially when it comes to get angry. you even throw a fit the same way he does, which is hilarious, but we still have to discipline you. but, praise the Lord, you respond well to discipline. which seems to be another thing you get from your brother! we are thankful for your tender heart & sweet spirit.

you are still a really great eater. some of your recent favorite foods are: yogurt, pasta, pizza crust with sauce, chicken nuggets, peanut butter, goldfish crackers, pasta salad, scrambled eggs and macaroni and cheese. so far the only food that you aren't crazy about is strawberries.

you are still in a size 4 diaper, size 12 month clothes & size 4 shoe. you weigh about 22 lbs.

you have so much personality. you "talk" all day long. you love to run from one side of the room to the other just giggling & grinning. you squeal whenever you play with Jack! you are definitely a sassy girl, always giving dramatic looks, sounds or movements. you are assertive & take what you want, sharing is definitely a learning process! ha! but you are also very loving, cuddly & affectionate. you love to give kisses & hugs to your baby dolls, then you bring them to us so we will love on them too! you are always giving kisses to me & dada. so sweet.

you are still a mama's girl. big time. i'm pretty sure that everyone has noticed it by now. and let me just say, that i'm loving it. it does get difficult sometimes when i need to leave you with someone but, you are doing better. i love that you want to be with me all the time and that you prefer me to everyone else. its such a sweet blessing. i pray that we always have a sweet relationship. lately, i've been leaving you twice a week with dada, for a couple hours, so i can go to Zumba. we can tell that you are really benefiting from this time. it has really helped you to bond with dada, you have always loved him, but now you even reach for him, run to him & treat him the way you treat me! ha!

Jovie. you are so precious. cutest little girl i've ever known. and so sweet. being your mama has been the most wonderful blessing. i love spending each day with you. i hope you know that you are a joy, and never an obligation or burden.

happy 14 months to my sweet baby. i love you.

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Shannon said...

She is too cute Audrey!