Sunday, March 13, 2011

Skin Deep

i realize this post is shallow & most people could care less about reading it, but i thought it was fun to share! i am about a month late posting this, from Kelly's Korner, but i really enjoyed reading everyone else's posts, so i decided to do my own. i am the last person that should be giving this type of advice. i am pretty boring when it comes to this stuff. BUT i can share my staples; the things i refuse to live without.

first, i ALWAYS use face moisturizer. i apply it before i put on any make up & through out the day if i notice my face is looking dry. my favorite is this Pond's Dry Skin Cream. i love this stuff.

i definitely believe in a good face wash. it really makes a difference in my skin. i use L'Oreal Skin Genesis Pore Minimizing Gel Cleaner. fancy name, great product. its mild, so its perfect for sensitive skin. it has a great scent & it really leaves my skin feeling fresh. i found it at Kroger, on sale, and decided to give it a whirl. love it.

when it comes to make-up, MAC is my very fave. but let's be honest, i'm a pastor's wife. we aren't exactly rolling in the dough, so i make do with products from Target. (i have made the decision that once i reach my first weight loss goal, i will treat myself to a couple of MAC products!) but i do love a good mascara. i've tried several different types & i keep coming back to this one. its Maybelline Lash Blast. it gives you volume, doesn't clump & its easy to wash off when you clean your face. i use the Black Brown color.

Christmas 2008, my MIL bought me a CHI hair straightener. and let me just say that i adore it. seriously, best thing ever for my hair. i can curl & straighten with it, my hair doesn't get fried & its a quality product that will last. BUT if you use a CHI or any good straightener you NEED and i repeat NEED the CHI hair serum, Silk Infusion. it is pricey but worth ever single penny. and you only use a drop at a time, so it will last you forever. i've been using the same bottle for about a year. the best part about it is that it protects your hair from the heat & leaves it feeling soft & shiny. i will never not use it.

i also LOVE this product. Dove Heat Defense & Shine Mist. i have been using it for about a year, and i can tell a major difference in the health of my hair. seriously. after i shower, while my hair is still wet, i spray this all over my head (even flipping my head over & spraying underneath). it protects your hair from the hair dryer & straightener. even when i don't use my CHI to straighten my hair, i still use this mist. it really protects my hair from split ends & drying out. its worth every single penny. i get it from Kroger b/c i can't always find it at Target.

this is probably my favorite beauty product. love me some Burt's Bees. i use it every single day. it really keeps my lips from being chapped & cracked. i even put a little on my fingers when i get minor cuts & it heals it better than any neosporin. i love that i can go with a plain or colored chapstick. i even put some on my eyelids to help hold my eye shadow in place. santa puts some in my stocking every year!

i am all about some quick & easy products. i don't have a ton of time to spend on getting ready each morning. i'm usually racing the clock or chasing toddlers as i'm trying to get dressed, put on make up or find my shoes. so, i'm all about convenience these days. i'm lucky if i even get to shower without my kids in the bathroom with me! ha!

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