Friday, May 27, 2011

Jovie @ 16 Months!!

sweet sassy, you are 16 months old!! everyday you are sweeter, funnier, sassier, cuter & smarter than the day before. i just can't get enough of you!

at 16 months you weigh 22.2 lbs. you are in a size 12-18 month, in most things. a size 4-5 shoe & a size 4 diaper. i love your chunky legs, feet & cheeks. you have a FULL head of hair & i love it! i've even been contemplating your first real hair cut. thank goodness for hair bows that keep your hair out of your eyes & face. my favorite part about you is your dark green eyes. i actually prayed for a little girl with green eyes! i feel like its the only part of you that really, really looks like me and i'm thankful for that!!

you have such a fun personality these days. you have completely entered the toddler stage. you are stubborn, very independent, curious, into everything, trying to throw fits, having a hard time learning to share, sometimes impatient & oh so busy. but i must say, i have no complaints concerning these things. you are still so sweet, very loving & affectionate. one of my most fervent prayers for you & Jack is that you will both be tender hearted & respond well to discipline. i truly believe that slowly but surely the Lord is answering these prayers. i have seen a change in both of you in the past few. you are listening better, obeying faster & requiring a lot less spankings! i realize it may get difficult again, but i'm ok with that. the Lord is teaching me SO much in these phases.

you are a great eater. no, a fantastic eater! your favorite foods are: green beans, bananas, yogurt, peas, carrots, hot dogs & apples. you don't like strawberries or grapes. but you will literally eat everything else, ha!

one major difference between you & Jack is your lack of fear. while he is more reserved & hesitant, you are adventurous & aggressive. you usually don't mind trying new things. sometimes, your wild streak scares me to death! ha! you have walked right off our bed, climbed up on tables & walked right off the pool ledge (thank goodness we were already in the water!) you definitely keep us on our toes!

sweet girl, you are such a joy to our lives. every single day with you is so much fun. you love your brother so much. he can evoke the biggest giggles & grins from you. and your dada gets your most slobbery kisses & biggest bear hugs. but i must say, you are still a mommy's girl through & through. you prefer me over everyone in the room & i love it. i pray that we always have a close, sweet relationship. i'm asking the Lord to make you a young woman of contentment & purity. i pray you always have a deep love for His word, His people & His ministry. you are such a blessing to my heart!

happy 16 months precious baby. i love you with all my heart!

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