Monday, July 4, 2011

Ft Myers Vacation: Beach Pictures

we were able to get some great pictures on the beach one night. it was hilarious because we did so many different things to try to get Jack & Jovie to look at the camera. it was pretty ridiculous. but i'm thankful for the pictures we got! i may even use one for our christmas card this year!

our pics from the beach:

me and my sweet MIL. love this woman.

me, Cris & Jenna. so thankful for such sweet sisters.

love my love.

Mamie & Deda with the kiddos

how cute are they?!

nekkid babies. we had to wash all that sand off!

riding back to the condo with the windows down, sporting our beach hair!

such a fun night! so thankful for the beach, family & great pictures!

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