Monday, July 25, 2011

Jovie @ 18 Months!

sweet baby, you are 18 months old today. such a big girl. and so sweet. i'm so proud to be your mom! you are full of personality and you make life so much fun.

at 18 months you weigh 24.5 lbs. you are in the 90% for your head & the 50% for your weight & height. you wear a size 5 shoe and size 5 diaper. your clothes are all 18 months.

you are the best eater. so thankful for that. the only thing you don't like is strawberries & grapes. but you will literally eat anything else. funny how you & Jack are so opposite in this way. your favorite foods are: green beans, eggs, oranges, peanut butter, milk, pasta, rice, potatoes & green peas.

you have the most tender heart. which we love. you are so sensitive to the tone of our voices. you respond well to discipline but you definitely have a stubborn streak. and you have no problem with letting us know when you are unhappy about something. you are always giggling & grinning. you play very well by yourself but you would always rather play with brother.

speaking of brother, you have a great relationship with him. you play so well together. the Lord knew what he was doing when he gave you both to us so close together. we are so thankful for the sweet bond that you share. there are definite times of frustration between you & Jack. he loves to irritate you & you love to fuss at him. its pretty funny. but, you can definitely hold your own against him! and he is so sweet to you. brother is always checking on you when you cry & telling you he loves you.

you still take 1 nap per day, usually for around 2.5 hours. many, many times we have to go wake you up! you go to bed around 8:30 & sleep until 7:30 the next morning. you have always been an excellent sleeper. and you constantly fall asleep in the car!

your vocabulary is really improving. you love to repeat us & Jack all the time. you can pretty much tell me whatever you want.

Jovie, you are the most precious girl. you are so loving & snuggly. we praise the Lord for you every single day. you are a blessing. praying that we are always the parents that you need us to be. praying that you come to know the Lord at an early age & serve him faithfully all of your life.

Happy 18 months, darling. i love you so much.

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