Monday, December 26, 2011

a very busy December

we have had the busiest of busy Decembers. but it has been really good. we were able to have a few slow, relaxing days at home that made the busy days worth it. Jack & Jovie really enjoyed the holiday season. it was so much fun to watch them get excited about the sights and sounds of Christmas. having a toddler is oh so much fun.

i'm just going to go crazy with pictures for this post. not so wordy.

sharing some popcorn. i love those huge christmas tins!

we let them skip naps one day to watch a Christmas movie. complete with a pallet on the floor. they lasted about 20 minutes and they were out! ha!

having fun in the nursery. excuse the crazy spray paint walls. our church does meet in a skating rink. but only for one more service! we are excited to be moving to OBHS in January!

Jovie looking cute at the Christmas Tree lighting in Old Towne.

Jack was not so thrilled to have his picture made. typical boy.

we had to spend a few mornings in the car, christmas shopping. we even skipped naps a couple times. poor kiddo just couldn't hang.

sweet girl. and her traveling buddies: blanket & paci. we go nowhere without them. nowhere.

my mom has this snow globe. its a christmas tree with a little train that goes around it. Jack LOVES it. each Christmas he gets excited about it. he will sit on the couch, for forever, and inspect it from all angles. so sweet.

this is one of my favorite pictures, ever. i plan to set it out each Christmas.

my christmas mantle. very first one, ever. so excited about it and love the way it turned out. i think i spent $8 total on it. which makes me love it even more!

my parents hosted the annual Weaver Gingerbread House competition. the Kublers won this year with their Memphis Zoo house. it was super cute.

sweet hugs

the tree in the grand lobby of the Peabody Hotel. this thing is ginormous. and so very beautiful. Jack and Jovie were in heaven.

headed to the annual Kubler Christmas party. and of course, Jack would not look at the camera!

Aunt Lindsay with Jack and Jovie. they love her so.

ladies of the Kubler party. we have so much fun every year! 4 of us are preggo in this picture! i love it!

we had to force the boys to take a picture. they are absurd.

sweet Jovie in her Christmas dress. the nativity scene is smocked on it. loved it.

we took Jack and Jovie to their first Memphis game of the season. we had a lot of fun and they did really well!

cheesy face at the Memphis game. he's adorable.

Memphis game

best picture i could get of the 2 of them. they are so busy.

we did a lot of painting. we painted christmas ornaments & pictures. i think its their new favorite activity. they ask to do it everyday.

eating popcorn at Mamie's house

my MIL decided she wanted to start a fun tradition at Christmas each year. she asked me, Jenna and my SIL, Cris, to come over, bring our kids and do some baking. we baked TONS of stuff. i mean tons. and we had it sitting around for the couple days before Christmas. Jack and Jovie had so much fun and i'm looking forward to this tradition with Ben's family each year. these are the sugar cookies for Jack and Jovie. some of them they poured sprinkles on and some of them they got to use real icing. they were SO proud of themselves!

it was such a messy job but they did great. i think they ate as much as they decorated!

so sweet.

he showed me every single cookie he decorated.

finished cookies. don't they look delish?! ha!!

all done. they had so much fun. so glad we did this for them!

most of the stuff we made. we ate for days!

holding hands in the car just because they want to. love it.

i hate that this picture is so blurry. i took it with my phone. we went to Zoo Lights on December 23. Jack and Jovie loved being bundled up and looking at all the lights. we had so much fun as a family.

this was Jack and Jovie's favorite part of Zoo Lights. the dinosaur at the entrance. apparently, the Zoo will have a dinosaur exhibit from March-July. this guy moved and roared and the kids were so fascinated by that! i guess we'll be checking out the exhibit this spring.

another blurry photo. bummer. but this was Jack's favorite tree outside of Teton Trek.

Jovie's favorite thing was to push the stroller through the Zoo

Katie took this picture of Jack at her house. love it.

we have had such a fun month and i'm so thankful. i always want my kids to know and celebrate Christ, all through the year. but i do want December to be a special, fun time that they can look forward to each year. having kids just makes Christmas way more fun!

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