Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jovie @ 2 Years

sweet baby doll:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you are 2 years old today. i just can not believe it. i remember your birthday perfectly. i miss holding you as a sweet newborn. but i love the little girl you are becoming. you are just way too much fun. you have become such a little light in our home. always smiling, always giggling, always singing, always talking and always giving loving to someone. we just can't get enough of you.

at 2 years old you weigh around 26 lbs. you are in an 18 months, 24 months and a just a couple of things you wear are 2t. we can tell that you seem to be thinning out. not so much losing weight as you are growing taller and leaner. but you still have those chunky baby legs that we love so much. you wear a size 6 shoe. we go see Dr Bubba next week so i'll know how tall you are pretty soon. you are VERY attached to you paci and your pink blanket. and i don't mind one bit!

you are officially potty trained. and i could just jump for joy. you do wear a pull up for naps and bed time. you can occasionally stay dry during naps but we aren't quite completely there yet, so you are in pull ups. but, i can take you in the car, in stores and restaurants in big girl panties. and you will stay dry. i'm SO proud of you. you were much easier to train that i thought you would be, you understood the concept on day 3 of potty training and you've been going strong ever since. you are such a smart girl!

we absolutely love your sweet little voice. every other word you say cracks (in tone) and its the cutest. you can say any word you want. you have learned so much just from listening to Jack. you say full sentences and can tell me anything you want. you are quite the talker. there are a few words that you twist to come out with a different sound, but me and dada can understand you really well. i really love the sound of your voice. and i think my favorite thing you say is "i uzz you momma" which means "i love you momma". and i think you say it 20 times per day. i never grow tired of it.

you have such a spunky, sassy, strong personality. you are a little bossy and very independent. you are very sensitive when it comes to your dada. he need only to have a firm tone of voice and you just fall apart. you are definitely my little sidekick. you want to go wherever i go all the time. i love it. i hope we are always close and that you always want to be near me. it just blesses my heart. you are crazy about Jack. i think you sort of idolize him. you give him loving all day long. you are interested in everything he does and you don't like to be away from him. y'all do fight and argue but you have so much fun together. i can not wait to see you with baby Jude. i don't think he will be able to breathe for all the kisses you will give him.

you are an incredible eater. just incredible. i think the only thing you don't like is carrots. honestly, you will try anything. and you prefer veggies to everything else. me and dada crack up all the time at how you beg for sweet peas, green beans and corn. you can never get enough. you also love peanut butter, cheese, mac n cheese, bread and strawberries. i'm so thankful for how well you eat!

you really are the most beautiful little girl i have ever seen. we tell you all the time that you are beautiful just the way you are, just the way Jesus made you. but we also try to teach you to be kind, gentle, patience, generous and loving to others. we pray you look more like Jesus than Jovie.

sweet girl. just thinking about you and how much i love you makes me emotional. you have blown me away. i never knew i could love having a little girl so much. and i long for the day that you have a sister. you have brought such a sweetness to our lives. you absolutely melt your daddy, you tickle your brother and you bless my heart. i am so thankful each day that the Lord gave you to us. we are praying that you come to know him at a young age, and serve him all of your life.

Happy Birthday, Jellybean!! we love you SO very much!


Dina said...

Happy Birthday Jovie!

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