Thursday, February 2, 2012

27 weeks

today i am 27 weeks and 4 days pregnant with Judah.
i wanted to keep track of a few things about this pregnancy just so i remember how Jude's pregnancy was different and similar to Jack and Jovie's.

the nausea was by far the worst this time around. even Ben noticed it. i was sick from week 6-14. just a constant, all day nausea. and it was the worst at bed time. i kept crackers and sprite on my night stand at all times. i didn't have any real food aversions, but i also didn't have much of an appetite.

i've had 2 major cravings this time around. hot wings and apples. ridiculous, i know. in the beginning, when i was sick, an apple was the best tasting thing i could find. and i would consume them each day. sometimes, 2 per day. and once i hit the 2nd trimester, i wanted hot wings every single day. i even had them for lunch on Christmas Eve. thank goodness that Ben enjoys them as much as i do. he even said on our next date night that he'll take me to get hot wings! ha! he gets me.

right now, i feel great. this has been a pretty good pregnancy. and i feel like i've enjoyed it more than the other 2. not sure why. i just think i have a better attitude when it comes to the harder parts of being pregnant. and its been a while since i've had a newborn around the house, so i'm super excited.

i think the hardest part of being pregnant, and having 2 toddlers at home, is the back pain. its been really, really bad. but my sweet husband bought me a heating pad and he is kind enough to rub my back when i ask! but i must say, i'm thankful that i'm not nauseated. i would much rather deal with back pain than a sick stomach. so, i praise the Lord for that.

i am SO excited to be having another little boy. its been so long since Jack was a newborn that i'm looking forward to that again. i'm also thrilled that Jovie will be surrounded by brothers. we do pray that one day she will have a sister, but for now we are excited for her to be our only girl. i can not wait to see Jack and Jovie with Jude. they are just going to love on him like crazy!

we have chose to name our son Judah Haddon. i absolutely LOVE both of his names. i can't imagine naming him anything else. back when we were pregnant with Jovie, we said that if she was a boy, her name would be Judah. we got the idea from some friends of ours (the Fishers) and i just couldn't stop thinking about it. with this pregnancy, i really felt from week 10 that he was a boy. the name Judah was a lock for the name but we both suggested several names for his middle name. i really liked Samuel, and so did Ben. but one day, Ben suggested Haddon. he said he got the idea from Charles Haddon Spurgeon. i instantly loved the name. its different, strong and masculine. so, now we have Judah Haddon. we will most likely call him Jude. which i know is crazy popular right now, but i don't care. but i do think i will find myself calling him Judah just as much.

Judah means praise. which i love. we can absolutely praise the Lord each time we think of Jude.

i have gained 7 lbs so far. hoping i don't gain much more. my blood pressure is good, for now. and we're praying that we spend no more than 1 night in the hospital before he is born. we would love to be able to walk into the hospital for a scheduled delivery and go home 2 days later. i believe the Lord can do that. i have begun going to the doctor every 2 week and at 33 weeks i start going once a week. so crazy. we are getting so close! i took my glucose test yesterday and i'm praying that i pass with flying colors. waiting to hear the results....

i would say that Jude is very active right now. i feel him so much throughout the day. especially late at night and early in the morning. i would say that its between him and Jovie on who was the most active. Jack was definitely more relaxed in utero. ha!

i think thats about it. i'm just so excited to have this baby. i'm looking forward to being in the hospital with him and being up several times per night nursing him at home. i am going to savor every ounce of his newborn-ness because i know it comes and goes so quickly. i really can't wait to see how he fits into our family and how the Lord is going to use him to teach me more about being a godly mom and how i need the Lord each day to raise my kids.

forgive my rambling. just had these things on my mind and i wanted to jot them down!

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