Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy Bee

do you ever feel like you are just going non stop?!! i know i do. this week i've been out and about everyday with jack. i've been running errands, getting a MUCH needed haircut and, visiting family. all are in preparation to go out of town next week!! we are leaving for FL on the 18th and i am SO very excited!!! it's our first vacation since having Jack. we were supposed to go out of town twice last year but couldn't because of ben's dad's heart surgery and my pregnancy craziness! so we are really needing a time to get away. ben has been so very busy lately with school and work, i completely appreciate and understand why, but we need some time with him!!
all of my running around with jack this week has definitely affected him! he's done a great job and really been so sweet, but yesterday while thrift shopping with britt, i knew he had enough of me dragging him around. i could tell 5 days of shopping, walmart, being in the car, and around people had finally caught up to him. he was so tired. last night i even put him to bed early and he went down with no problem!! bless his heart!! i decided last night that today would be a day of rest for us. we definitely need it around here. i have housework to catch up on, i want to make a yummy dinner, and my son needs rest and a familiar environment!! i honestly feel bad when i notice that jack is suffering a little from my busy life, so i need to slow down for him!! he is so little and just doesn't have the capacity to keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny.
how do we get to be so busy all the time? i really thought that after having a baby it would give me an excuse to slow down, unwind and relax. what was i thinking??? a baby only adds to the craziness, but in a completely beautiful way. i would never trade it! i'm so blessed to have a little boy who fits in perfectly with our hectic life, but i commit now to chill out, rest and be more of a hermit for his sake. right after i had him until honestly the past 3 weeks, i have been much more withdrawn into our house. and i haven't minded at all. the weather was yucky, rsv season is going on, and he is just still so small. but when the weather really warmed up and with our impending trip, i just had to get out and get some stuff done. but i believe now its time to slow down again. it will be good for me! i can only imagine what it will be like when we have more kids!! i'll just figure it out like my mom did with 6 of us buzzing around!! but for now this busy bee is hibernating at home!

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