Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Fab Five Months!

i can't believe my sweet Jack is now 5 months old!!! time is really flying by, and i hate it!! i want him to be little forever! i don't want him to grow up! we took this picture on our vacation in ft. myers, FL. we had so much fun. i know you can't really tell how much he's grown in this picture, but it was just too perfect, being on the beach on his 5 month birthday! i'll post more pics of him soon, that way, it will be obvious how much he's grown. and trust me, he's grown A LOT!!
he's such a fun little boy, these have been the best 5 months ever!!

Sweet Jack,
my oh my, you are 5 months old now!!! you are just growing way too fast for your mommy. you are doing so many new things now. you LOVE to roll over, sit up (although not by yourself yet), stand up, grab your toys, put everything in your mouth, bounce in your jumper, swing, take bubble baths, grab the spoon when you eat, arch your back when you get mad, blow spit bubbles, talk non-stop, sit in your bumbo and watch mommy cook, fly through the air with daddy holding you and your lovie!!

you have developed quite the little personality. you are laughing more and throwing little tantrums when you don't get your way!! you do so well when we take you places. this month you experienced your first trip with mom and dad. we went on our first vacation as a family to ft. myers. we had so much fun and you did SO well! you are quite the little traveler. you took your first bubble bath this month and got in the pool for the first time. you absolutely loved both of them b/c you figured out how to splash!! you also got a johnny jump up and you are just starting to figure it out, even though you are still a little small for it! you are more interested in tv too. you become so mesmerized by the moving lights and colors. you have also started developing a little separation anxiety!! you cry when mommy leaves the room. if you are having a hard day, no one but mommy can soothe you. which i must admit, is completely exhausting. but i secretly love that you love and need me so much on those days! it makes all the exhaustion worth it! you have also started getting a little scared and overwhelmed when too many people are around. only mommy and daddy can soothe you at those times. we've even had to leave a few places early b/c you got so scared. your little bottom lip puckers out and it's just so cute! that little face just melts everyone's heart! you also love to lay on your back and kick and flail those arms as you talk to us! you have finally started wearing your 3 month clothes!! you're just such a little guy, but you're growing!!

you are just so much fun, buddy! everyday we learn something new about you and we love being your parents. you are such a sweet little blessing to us. we are so proud of the little person you are becoming. i absolutely love waking up to your smiling face and happy spirit. you are such a joy and i am so honored to be your mommy!!! i'm so grateful for these past 5 months and i'm really looking forward to many more with you! we love you little boy!


Jessica Kenney said...

I love the pic at the top!! He is too cute! The zoo would be fun! We only go on Tues. when its free :) We can look at the weather and see if this tues. would be good.

Shannon said...

Girl, he is getting SO big!!!! It looks like you guys had fun on your trip. You better blog about it soon. I want to read all about it! =)

Audra said...

Oh my goodness. Little Jack is a cutie! NO, I would never think you a crazy stalker! However, that's what I probably am to a gazillion other blogger moms. :) Glad you loved the recipes! I'm going to try some of them out myself and I'll definitely be checking out the link you gave me. Thanks for all the nice compliments you left me! Gotta run...Drew's into something!