Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ft. Myers

we had such a wonderful vacation. we left on a wednesday and drove to nashville to stay with ben's aunt and uncle. then they took us to the airport the next morning to fly out. jack did incredible. i was a little worried about him being in his car seat for 3 hours as we drove to nashville and how he would sleep in nashville, being in a strange place. but he did amazing. he slept just fine and the drive was no problem for him. we flew out of nashville around 8am that day. so we were up and going around 4:30 a.m. and jack just did so great!! he never fussed and he slept on every flight! benadryl was definitely our friend as we traveled! it really helped to keep the tubes open in his ears so he wouldn't be hurting! when we arrived thursday afternoon, he was great as we caught a taxi to the condo! he also did amazing on the way home! the Lord really just answered our prayers for traveling mercies and gave us a sweet little boy to take with us. have i mentioned that jack did well?!!
we spent most of our time in FL just relaxing and enjoying the fact that we had no responsibilities!

Jack had so many firsts on this trip. it was, of course, his first vacation. his first road trip. his first airplane ride. his first time on a boat. his first time on the beach. his first time in the pool. his first time at a big outdoor mall, 2 to be exact! and his first time to go to so many restaurants in one week!! he also had his first big bubble bath and his first shower. he actually loved both of them. his first time in an umbrella stroller, which he also loved. and his first time to take long walks with mommy outside. it was so much fun to experience all of these things with him. i love watching him learn and grow and see how he reacts to new people and environments! most of the time, he went along great and was in a great mood. there were a few times, mostly at the end of the day, when he was just so tired that all he knew to do was fuss. but i can't say i blame him. he just wasn't used to going and doing so much everyday. but i was really pleased with how he handled everything. it really comforted us about taking him on trips in the future.

we really just had a blast in ft. myers. we are so excited about going back with ben's family in july. jack will be 8 months old and doing so much more by then. i'm really excited to see how different the 2 trips will be with him.

yay for sweet little boys who travel so well, exceed their mommy's expectations and put all her fears to rest!!

here are a few pics from our trip. i'll make sure the next post is nothing but FL pics!!!


Lori said...

Hi Audrey! I found your blog after looking at my google analytics stats. Apparently, I'm getting traffic from your site, so thank you!

You son is sooo soo cute! I'm glad he traveled well. And I'm glad he liked his shower; my 13 month old did not.

Anyway, God bless you and your family.

Shannon said...

Looks like ya'll had so much fun! Jack is SO precious! I could just eat him up. =)