Monday, April 20, 2009

loving jack

so. i have a few posts in mind that i want to put on here. but my iphoto is acting crazy so it's hard to upload and edit photos right now. i'm going to do my birthday post, a few recipe posts and some other stuff, but i can't until iphoto gets fixed!! i can upload photos on to blogger but it's hard to upload new photos to iphoto. make sense?!! thank goodness i have a very techno-savvy hubby who is looking into it for me!

so i decided to just post a little bit about how much i am loving being jack's mom. every night that i put him to bed, and i see his sweet little face drift off to sleep, i am reminded of how lucky i am to just have him. i had no idea that being his mom would be so fun, exhausting, exciting, stressful, rewarding and such a blessing! he is such a joy to us. he really is such a happy boy, always smiling, laughing and playing. we never get tired of looking at him and listening to him squeal. don't get me wrong, there are definitely times that i am overwhelmed and feeling like i can barely make it through one more hour b/c i am so tired or stressed BUT none of it compares to seeing that smiling face every morning when i walk into his room and pick him up. the Lord is so good and i thank Him everyday for blessing me with such a beautiful little boy. ok, so now that i've gone and gotten all mushy on you, i'll just post the few pics that i'm able to put up here! have a blessed week!

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