Wednesday, April 22, 2009


so my birthday was on april 4. i turned the big 26. i can NOT believe it. i mean, when i was younger, being 25 or older just seemed so far away and even a little old. now that i am here, and only 4 years from (big gulp) 30, its not so bad! in fact, this past year has been the best of my life and i'm looking forward to the next year.

i've always been a lover of all things birthday. i love my birthday. i always count down and get so excited. now that i'm married and have a little boy, i love birthdays even more! just more fun days to look forward to. this birthday was different for me. but still sweet. ben was out of town most of the day. he was running lights/sound for a band. but i had jack, which was special. it was my first birthday as a mom, which was so fun. i loved getting to just spend the day with my boy. my sister, katie, spent the day with me and then we spent the afternoon at my parents' house. that night, around 8pm when ben and the band boys got home, we all celebrated at my mom's house with burgers & cake. then that following week, ben's parents took us out to J. Alexander's for a super yummy steak dinner, can't beat that!! 26 feels great & maybe i'm crazy, but i'm looking forward to 27!

my birthday present from mom. i love it. we were shopping in jackson the day before my birthday, we saw it in this cool store, Anthropologie. they have so much neat stuff in there. you can get clothes and home decor. a lot of stuff is pricey, but some of the home decor is reasonable! to check out their stuff go HERE.

this was my bday present from my hubby. i absolutely LOVE it. i was surfing online a few weeks ago, and i came upon this lady's website. her name is Lisa Leonard and she makes all kinds of cute jewelry. and it very reasonably priced. when i saw this necklace, i knew i had to have it for my bday. you can get it customized to say anything you want. so instead of "lucky mommy" mine just says "jack" under the little feet. i was so excited that ben ordered it for me & i've worn it every day since it came in. if you are looking for cute jewelry that you can customize, check out her stuff HERE.

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