Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Faith

ever heard of Baby Faith? well, its amazing! someone gave me one of the Baby Faith dvds at my baby shower & i forgot all about it. one day i was cleaning out Jack's closet and i stumbled upon it. he was probably around 5 months old. i had tried Baby Einstein before & Jack was a little interested in it, but not much. so i kinda just gave up on the idea of entertaining him with a video. well, when i found this dvd, i popped it in & Jack was instantly mesmorized. he absolutely LOVES it! its just like Baby Einstein. same concept. but it is Christian based & each dvd tells a different story. the one we have is called "God Made Me'" & it tells the creation story and the music is baby friendly hyms. its really very cute. Jack just loves the puppets, his little face lights up and he just talks & giggles. its so cute. it really hold his attention so much better than Baby Einstein. and i love that he's hearing a bible story as he watches it! he usually watches it 2 times a day and sometimes more. i put it in when i need to shower or clean or just need a break. he sits in his swing or on our bed and i have about 30 minutes to get something done. it also really seems to soothe him if he just gets in a funky mood. now, i'm not the mom who just plants my child in front of a TV screen all day, but hey, i need a minute to sit down every now & then! and i don't mind getting some help from a friendly dvd!

i just ordered him the "God Made Animals" dvd & i can't wait to get it in the mail tomorrow. its the story of Noah. i know Jack will love it. i just wanted to pass along this little gem i discovered. its great. you can find them at or amazon. let me know if you try it & what you think!

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