Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Going to the Chapel

one of my best friends is getting married on saturday. and i am SO excited for her. she is going to marry the boy of her dreams & he is truly perfect for her. i know they will will have a godly marriage, & oh so much fun!!! what makes it even better is, she's my little sister. Lindsay is one of my 2 little sisters. katie, the baby sister, is getting married June 20. talk about a crazy time for the weaver family. but we are all so excited for Lindsay & Ryan, Katie & Josh. Ben & I are so excited to get 2 new brother-in-laws!! We can't wait to go on trips with them, spend holidays with them, hang out in each other's homes & raise our kids together!! We are truly blessed and we love them so much!!! Lindsay, i love you & i'm so proud of you!! I can't believe my little Linny Loo is about to be a MRS.!!!

Congrats to Ryan & Lindsay Stevenson!!! (well, as of saturday!!!)
i'll post pics of the wedding fun next week! and i can't wait to do a post about Josh & Katie!!!

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