Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Wordle

so i decided to go back to the website and make a family wordle. it gives you the option of typing in your blog address & it will create it for you or you can type in a bunch of words yourself. it only put the words in the wordle that you type. the bigger you want the word to be the more times you type it in. for example, i typed in "williams" 4 times. i wanted that to be the biggest word. this is just a rough draft. i think i may see if there is a way i could make a real one, print it out & stretch it over a canvas. it would be a neat piece of art to decorate with. i'm thinking a bathroom or my hallway. or my kitchen. i have a few places in my house that need some help!!! i just thought it was a fun idea. everyone else may think its crazy!!! go try it out yourself, have fun!!

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Amanda Lemonds said...

Hey Audrey! I didn't know that yall had a blog! I like it and loved your post about Jon and kate. I have never really watched the show because I can't stand the way she treats him but your comments on it were so true! Jack is precious and growing so fast! Time for another one! haha Well glad to "keep in touch" through our blogs and I added you to my google reader! :)