Friday, May 29, 2009

Jack's Room

i LOVE reading Kelly's Korner. its the cutest blog. her little Harper is a doll. she has been doing a tour of homes for the past couple of weeks. i've been wanting to jump in & participate but i've been lazy & busy with Jack. but this week, since the theme is children's rooms & nurseries i decided it would be so fun to show off Jack's room. when i was pregnant, i really had a lot of fun planning out his nursery. i wanted something different from the usual planes, trucks, farm animals or noah's ark themes. (not that there are anything wrong with those!! they are cute, i just wanted to branch out!) so here is my labor of love for Jack:

this is the view from the door. i went with a carmel brown paint color for the walls & i'm really happy with it.

another view. his room is kinda small so we had to put everything close together.

i LOVE his crib. i knew i wanted to go with black furniture up against the brown walls. so i did A LOT of research to look for a good quality crib that wasn't going to break our bank. i ended up finding this at Babies R Us.

my brother, ricky, & my sister, katie painted his letter canvases. they turned out awesome. they got the colors from the bedding and just created some patterns. i got the supplies at walmart for about $25!! i love it. ricky created the pattern & katie created the letters. they did sooo good. i love them. and i love that Jack's aunt/uncle helped in the design of his room.

i got his bedding from when i first started looking for boy bedding, i just couldn't find anything that i liked. so i started playing around online. i found stuff that i liked but it was super pricey. once i checked target's website, i clicked on this and fell in love. the colors are just what i was looking for. and i got a great deal on it!

my mom made the curtains. we got the blue material from target but once we hung it up, it was way too short. so we went to walmart & found chocolate brown material that matched perfectly!! we also got a cute detailed ribbon to bring it all together. it works great with this room! thanks mom for all your hard work! Jack really appreciates it!

the ribbon that goes across the curtain.

the changing table/dresser. i got this from i originally wanted the matching dresser that goes with his crib, but it was WAY too expensive. so i found this online and i think it matches perfectly. plus i got free shipping using walmart's site to store shipping.

a sweet lady at our church painted this for Jack. i think it's so cute. its hanging on his dresser drawer right now b/c i'm not sure where else to put it. remember, his room is small!

this is hanging on the wall next to his door. i saw it at lifeway while i was pregnant & i instantly wanted it. so, my sister bought it for me!! the colors match his room perfectly. i eventually want to find a black shelf to go underneath this. this wall is pretty bare.

this is hanging on the door of his room. my brother painted it. i got the supplies at walmart for about $5!!

his closet. its just a little full. and he has tons more in the dresser. i just love picking out stuff for him to wear every day!!

my hubby had this futon before we were married. we had to keep it in Jack's room b/c there is no other room in our house for it. but it ended up working out great. i actually got the inspiration for the colors of his room from this futon. i wanted it to somehow match. plus, it takes up wall space. my mom made the pillow. i fully intend to buy more throw pillows for it.

all the little animals that sit on top of the futon. all of these were given to him by friends & family. Lola, our dog, loves to try & jump up and get them. i'm sure Jack will love to play with them one day too!

my best friend's mom painted this. i had no idea she was doing it. one day she called & asked for the colors of his nursery & a bible verse for Jack. at my baby shower, she showed up with it. i really really love it. it's so special to me. thanks missie!!

thanks for visiting my room!!! love, Jack!!


Anonymous said...

So cute. I was browsing through Kelly's party blogs and thought, I know these people. Small world.Cute room, cute baby.
Sheila Whitworth

Jenny said...

Cute baby and cute room!

Aimee said...

I love the room colors!

Rachel said...

So adorable! We have tons of random things in E's room too because there's no other place for it, so I know how you feel--except the futon goes waaaay better in Jack's room than the keyboard or extra TV goes in Elizabeth's, haha! And poor Jude...a man without a place to lay his head. :) Can't wait to find cute boy stuff for him like you have with Jack!

Creekmore's said...

Adorable room! I like the colors. I used the same ribbon for my Tyler's burb clothes. LOL

Ashley said...

That bedding is awesome!!

The Baby Cove said...

So cute! I love the bed pattern and how you matched the wall hangings. Great job!

Jared and Kate said...

I happened upon your site from Kelly's Korner and was SHOCKED to see your son's name is Benjamin Jack, called Jack. My son has the exact same name and we, too, call him Jack. :-) Small world.

Courtney said...

Your room is great. I love the cool letters above his bed!