Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon, Kate & the poor 8

normally, i would never give much thought to or much less dedicate a post to celebrity gossip. mostly, its ridiculous and overrated!! i mean, come on people, i do not care about who Miley Cyrus is dating!! but the story of Jon & Kate Gosselin is just so sad & it honestly really bothers me. i hate seeing a christian (or supposedly) couple's marriage fall apart. and the fact that it is happening on national television is just disturbing.
first, it really makes me mad that a family TV channel, TLC, is loving and making gobs of money on the marital troubles of one couple. so ridiculous. i wish they would be grateful for the time they've had with this family but cut their losses and allow this family to heal. but of course we all know, its all about the almighty dollar. dumb. second, just b/c you say you are doing something for your kids, doesn't mean you really are or that its best for your marriage. the Bible teaches us that a man shall leave his father & mother and cling to his wife. that couple becomes one & NOTHING, except Jesus, is to come between them. nothing takes priority over that marriage relationship. nothing. when kids come along, it definitely shakes things up and it becomes harder to have that one on one time b/c you are so busy caring for them, but you never put the relationship with your child before your relationship with your spouse. (now if anyone is reading this who isn't a christian, please don't think i don't love my son & value my time and relationship with him. b/c i promise, i do. but in order for me to raise my son in the most healthy environment possible, he has to know that i love his daddy, first. Jack must know that mine & ben's relationship is strong and Christ centered in order for him to have the best possible upbringing. its biblical & i've seen it work. praise the Lord for my godly parents who love each other & put each other before us) i know Jon & Kate say that their kids aren't suffering, but they will, just give it time. divorce tears families apart and often leaves the kids with a tainted view of one parent and they feel forced to choose between the two. so sad. third, the bible is VERY clear about our roles as hubby & wifey. husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church & wives submit yourselves unto your husband as unto the Lord. its just black & white. there is so much freedom to be found in following the Lord's guidance in what He intended for marriage. now, i know there are 2 sides to every story & the media only lets us see what they want us to. but what we see, on tv and in magazines is that these roles have been reversed. media tries to portray Jon as this submissive meek hubby who sits at home & never gets time to himself and that Kate is this overbearing control freak who constantly bosses her husband around as she tries to be the leader of the family. i don't know how much of that is how they really live, but its still sad. i don't want to be judgemental, hatefeul, critical or a holy roller. but it just seems that somewhere in the past year, as money & fame & things & bigger houses & nicer cars & freebies have been thrown at them, that they have lost sight and priority over their marriage. i remember watching 2 seasons ago & even though they did fight some on camera, they seemed happy with each other and truly trying to love each other amidst the craziness of raising 8 kids! i know what its like to grow up in a large home. i have 5 younger siblings. and in the past year, my parents have begun adopting 2 more!! but i always knew that my parents are in love. i never questioned that. and it's been such a blessing.
i only have 1 child. and its hard enough to find quality time with my hubby. so i can't imagine the difficulties in raising 8 kids and trying to keep the romance alive. but we are given the ability to make choices. marriage is work, sometimes hard work. every day we must choose to love our spouse and be forgiving of their faults. anger, malice, bitterness & ugly words have no place in a marriage. they only tear down not build up. i just wish i could tell Jon & Kate a few things, in a loving way, of course! 1. give up the show. 2. get normal jobs, you can do that. you don't have to have the show to make a living. 3. get some counseling. 4. forgive each other. 5. never speak badly of each other in public, much less a magazine or on tv. 6. things and a comfy lifestyle are never more important that your marriage 7. if you love your kids, then love show them that by loving each other 8. show each other love & respect 9. you belong at home with your family. not out at bars at 2 a.m. or out on the road signing books and giving lectures 20 days a month. 10. where is the faith that you talked about and clinged to in earlier seasons?
as i was watching the season premiere last night i was just so sad. sad for jon. sad for kate. and sad for those 8 kids, who are living in a fishbowl and watching their parents drift apart and consider divorce. i really hope & pray that they will be drawn back to the Lord, and each other. one of my friends on facebook had a status about Jon & Kate and i thought it was completely appropriate.
"What does it profit a couple to gain an audience but lose their family?!"
so true. if you are a christian, please pray for them. i can only imagine how much they are hurting. i know i'm not above any of this, it can happen to anyone. and i don't want to be a know it all about their situation. i just hope they get some help & save their marriage. and as much as i used to love watching their show, i hope it goes off the air. i think it could maybe do them all some good.


Audra said...

I agree with your entire post. I've said for a long time that if Kate would just follow Christ's commandment and submit to Jon that all of their other problems would fall into place. They need to:

1. Quit the show, whether Kate thinks it would help or not.
2. Spend time with their kids. Jon's being out at 2am is just as bad as Kate's off touring the world book signing. "I don't care if I don't even sell one book..." says Kate. Yeah, right.
3. Don't bash each other in the media! Only speak positively! Save the negativity (in the kindest way) for behind closed doors. Giving people mag the article on how much you don't like Jon isn't helping ANYONE.
4. Kate needs to be more grateful, kind, and considerate.
5. Find a church home where you can plug in, not one you enjoy because "people leave us alone."
6. MOVE! Somewhere low key!
7. Love on your kids, love on each other.

I've thought about them a LOT in the past few days. I guess it's because we know just about everything about their lives and so it's like a family member going through this. I really hope they pull it together!

JobandBrittany said...

watching the show last night just made me sad. i feel like kate portrayed like all the problems are jon's fault and she hasn't done anything wrong. it never mentioned how she is gone touring 3 weeks a month all we hear about is how jon made poor decisions. i'm hoping they wouldn't do a 5th season if they really were going to divorce so maybe some of this is just for media purposes. i just pray they stay together!

Jessica Kenney said...

Jon and I feel like some of our best friends are about to get divorced. It truly made me so sad to watch and I am praying that they will just give it up and take a break. They need to go on a vacation just the 2 of them and figure it all out. My heart breaks for those kids!!!