Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!!!

i had a FANTASTIC first Mother's Day with my Jack. growing up, i always dreamed of having kids. and every year, when we would celebrate my fabulous momma, i would think about the day when i would celebrate being a mom to my own child. so i was actually really excited about experiencing this day with Jack. i have learned SO much in these last 6 months of being his mommy. and it truly is the best thing, outside of marriage, that i have ever been a part of. it is the most sacrificing and demanding job i've ever had, but you couldn't force me to change anything about it. i absolutely LOVE the responsibilty and privilege of taking care of my son. he is the Lord's blessing on my life and i am honored that He has entrusted me with Jack. i have a few very close friends, that i REALLY want to have a baby. they are all married girls, with great husbands and healthy marriages. but i'm just so loving being a mom that i want them to understand when i describe to them in particular how great it is!! i'm thinking of one friend in particular, and you know who you are! but no pressure!!! she will be such a great mom and i can't wait for us to celebrate mom's day with our kiddies one day!!

this year, in particular, the Lord has taught me so much about the blessing of pregnancy and child birth and raising a child. ever since the day ben and i decided to start trying for a baby, it seems like i've come across more and more situations where women struggle to have babies. and it is heartbreaking to me. i can't imagine the pain of wanting to conceive a child and not being able to. as women, we believe it's our God given ability (and it is) to grow and bare a child. so not being able to do that, must be so hard. i am a firm believer in the Lord having specific plans for everyone, and i know that means that not all women will have kids. and i know He gets the glory out of those instances. but to have the longing to be pregnant and then not being able to do it, that i just can't imagine. i have a sweet friend who has been trying for 2 years to get pregnant with her first baby. it has been a long and painful journey for her. she's had to watch as all of her friends have popped up pregnant, had babies and now are raising them. she is so precious and my heart has been hurting for her. my hubby & i have been praying for this couple for a VERY long time. well, this past week she called to tell me that she is PREGNANT!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! i literally had tears in my eyes when she told me, and after we got off the phone i just cried and praised the Lord that He is blessing her with this baby. i know she will be an incredible mom. so congrats C!!! our little pet name for each other is MA, and i'm excited b/c now we both will literally be a mama to sweet babies! i can't wait to meet her little one in December and love on that sweet miracle baby!!

for Mother's Day we went to church. each mom was honored with a silk rose, which i thought was so sweet. then we met Ben's parents for lunch at their country club. it was brunch and oh so yummy! Jack did great! Ben's parents gave me a yellow rose and his dad bought tickets for me and my MIL to see the American Idol Top 1o in july when they come to Memphis!! we were so excited! i can't wait!! then ben and i headed home with jack for a much needed nap and some down time. Jack gave me his card that he picked out (with a little help from daddy) and ben told me that my mother's day gift is being mailed to me and i should get it on monday. then that evening, we went to my parents for supper. we celebrated with my very large family and soon to be brother in laws!!! we always have so much fun over there. we came home late last night and crashed! overall it was a very special but normal day. which is just what i wanted. Thank you Lord for the blessing of motherhood. help me to never take it for granted.

i'll post later tonight about my gift and what i made the jack's mamie and lolli for mother's day!! also, a few pictures. i still need to post Jack's 6 month post too!! have a great Monday!!!


JobandBrittany said...

very sweet! one day we will be mommies together. i'm getting there.

Audra said...

So sweet! Happy (late) Mother's day! Glad yours was wonderful!