Thursday, May 7, 2009

FREE 3 month Pink Palace Membership!!!

hey hey hey! i've been pretty lax on my blogging lately. i've been having SO many computer problems. super long story!! but i plan on getting Jack's 6 month post done this week. but i wanted to pass along this great offer!!!

my bloggie buddy, Audra, posted about this! i'm pretty much just going to copy and paste what she said on her blog. she explains it great, and i'm feeling lazy!!!

its a FREE 3 month trial membership to the Pink Palace for 2 related adults & their kids.
click here for Pink Palace offer, your membership card is emailed to you after you sign up!!!

You and your family get...
* Invitation to Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters Exhibit Preview
* Invitation to Under the Sea IMAX Film Preview
* Unlimited Museum Admission
* Unlimited Planetarium Admission
* Unlimited Lichterman Nature Center Admission
* 10% discount in the museum stores
* Discounts on IMAX tickets

i already got mine this morning! with the long and crazy hot summer coming up, it'll be nice to have some FREE indoor activities to do! if you have any friends or family or would be interested, just pass that link along!! Thanks Audra for the link!!!

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Audra said...

No problem! Thanks for passing on the word! We can't wait to go!