Monday, June 15, 2009

Change Change Change

we are definitely going thru some changes lately. we are having to make a lot of decisions & really trust the hand of the Lord that is so obviously at work in our lives. i can't share details just yet, but i desperately needed to vent. this past weekend has been wonderful, relaxing and a little crazy. we've come across some new things & we are praying about how to deal with it. i know i can trust the Lord. He has ALWAYS been good. always. He never forsakes, forgets or makes mistakes. i know He is with me, even to the ends of the earth. i am resting in that truth this morning. i am reveling in His grace & peace. i must admit, there have been a few times this weekend that i have asked Him "Lord, are you sure this is what you wanted?" " Are you sure you meant this for us?" " Have you thought about how this will affect us?" i know that He does have the answer for all of these questions & He has a definite plan and will for our lives. so i'm just trusting in that. and i'm actually very excited to see how He will carry out His plan for us. i can't wait to look back at this situation & see His hand & how it was at work, all along. Praise Him for His overwhelming peace & divine soveriegnty. He is good. all the time. He is good.

i know, its so annoying when someone says things like this & then they don't share exactly what it is they are talking about, but i will. soon. i promise. but we are taking this week & next to pray about it. so, hopefully, at the end of next week, i'll be able to share with you. for now, please just pray for us. Pray that He will give us peace, strength & wisdom on how to make the best decisions for our family. and i promise, the next post won't be so mysterious! i want to post about a few baby products that i've used with Jack that have made my life so much easier and i'm working a crafty little project that i can't wait to share. and i must not forget to post about my baby sister, katie, who is getting married this weekend!! yay for her!! happy monday!


Rachel said...

Yes, praying for you!

Josh and Kacie said...

From someone who has literally followed the Lord to the opposite side of the world- He is worth it. You can trust Him and He will be with you wherever He leads you.

Lori T said...

Hi. I was checking my Google Analytics and found your site again. I am going to add it to my RSS so I don't forget it again.

Anyway, I'm sorry some hard stuff is going on right now. I'm so glad to hear of your trust in the Lord, though!