Monday, June 22, 2009

My Baby Daddy

we had such a fun father's day. we didn't do anything extra special. i didn't even get ben a gift, he wouldn't let me. (he had just bought himself a few action figures, yes you read that right & he bought every season of one of our fave tv shows, House) so he figured he had gotten enough gifts. he even tried to get me to buy myself something, saying i deserved a gift more than he did, what a man i have!!! i think i'll keep him! we had celebrated father's day the weekend before b/c jenna, ben's sister, was in town. so we cooked filets from folk's folly & had some yummy sides! so this weekend we decided we would just have a low key day. and it was fun. we went to church that morning, then we had lunch with ben's family, jack got to splash around in the pool & then we went back home to nap. i wasn't feeling too great that day. ben received a chilis gift card from his brother, tripp. yum yum! and his dad bought him a ticket to go to the American Idol concert on July 26th. (he bought me one for mother's day! and ben's parents are going with us, we're dorks & actually excited about this!) Jack and I gave ben a cheesy card. but it's the loving thoughts that count, right?!!

we are so blessed to have ben. jack has THE best daddy in the world. i love the way that both of their faces just light up when they see each other. ben is so in love with our son & it brings me so much joy to watch him interact with Jack! he is always willing to help me out with Jack, even at 3 a.m.! he plays with him, bathes him, feeds him, keeps him so i can nap or get out of the house & he does it all without complaining. in fact, he loves doing it. i always knew he would be a great father but i am simply blown away by how amazing he is with Jack. my most favorite thing about ben being a dad is this: i know that every single day, multiple times a day, he is praying for jack & our family. he is such a prayer warrior. and that is so important to me. he is so concerned with every single aspect of jack's little life. he has opinions & goals for him. i could not be more thankful. seriously, how am i so lucky as to have such a sweet loving man for my baby daddy?!! he is such a blessing! happy father's day babe, we love you SO much!!!!


Audra said...

Sweet post! How blessed we are to have such great, godly men!

On another note: I love your new background! I'm looking for curtains similar to that print, but can't find them anywhere. So, for now, I'll just keep coming back to your blog to stare and dream. :)

Ben and Audrey said...

thanks girl! and how great would it be to have curtains like that?!! i would love it. maybe you could find the fabric and have them made. i know an amazing seamstress who could do it no problem! now you've made me want the curtains!! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hi....Was just blog surfing and came across yours. It looks like you are having lots of fun with it. Your little guy is just adorable! You are very blessed. I have a silly question. Why no capital letters? I saw that on a few other sites and wondered about it. Have a great day!