Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Master Bedroom

i LOVE the homes tour. its so fun to see how people decorate their homes. i am fascinated by other people's creativity & style. i haven't participated in every tour, but there have been a few i wanted to jump in on & this is one of them! this is SHOW US YOUR MASTER BEDROOM week. i love my master bedroom. so take a peek at our cute (or so i think so!) room:

the view of our room from the door. this is pretty much all of our room. its tiny. we live in house that is more than 30 years old, so that explains the size of the rooms. to help open it up we painted it a light grey. i think it turned out great.

i absolutely LOVE our bed. its seriously the most comfy bed, ever! we are blessed enough to have a new mattress that the Peabody Hotel carries! its called the peabody dream bed. this was a wonderful wedding gift from my hubby's parents!!! we bought this bed together right before we got married. we instantly fell in love with the black leather & the best part, its king size!!!! i really like our bedding too. i love the classic look of black & white. red is my favorite color; so i really wanted to use it as an accent color to make our room pop!

this is the wrought iron piece above our bed. i found it at hobby lobby for $15. i love it!

this is my side of the bed. the curtains match the bedding. our engagement pictures hang above the night stand.

my night stand has some white candles, a black & white vase, a red lamp and one of our wedding photos. do you think it needs something else on the table? i'm not sure what else to put there.

my hubby's side of the bed! of course, there's red flowers! and one of our engagement photos that our wedding guests signed.

our dresser. the door on the right goes to the tiniest bathroom in the world!

ok. HELP!!!! we need the tv to be elevated so my hubby can see it from the bed. so right now our solution (albeit ugly!!) is these 2 boxes. i want something cute & functional to place the tv on. any ideas or suggestions?!!!

i love this little corner of my dresser. i love all the pops of red!! my favorite red item is the FRIENDS dvd box!! this is our favorite show & we watch it almost nightly in bed!! i just picked up the "w" at hobby lobby the other day. this won't necessarily be its permanent home.

this is my first attempt at a craft project. please bare with me. it didn't turn out quite like i wanted it to. but i have a big blank wall that i didn't post a picture of (b/c its boring). i'm thinking of hanging this on that wall or in our bathroom. what do you think of it?

thanks for touring our sweet little room!!!


JobandBrittany said...

yeah for doing a crafty project!!! and definitely a new way to elevate the tv. haha! looks great...

Ben and Audrey said...

thanks britt! any idea on how i could elevate the tv? you're very creative!

Audra said...

I was visiting Kelly's blog tonight thinking, "I really wanna post my bedroom but I don't wanna take the time to upload pics" and then I saw your blog listed! You may have inspired me. ;)

Love your room! Looks so cozy and inviting! Love your craft project and your HL scroll! Love HB- heading there tomorrow actually!

I'm shopping for new curtains (as I told you earlier) in an attempt to pull my room together and not make it so BLAH!

Dina said...

Such a cute room! For now you can just cover those boxes in cute wrapping paper or fabric. Or an old suitcase or trunk would work too.

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nancy said...

Your room is gorgeous! I love RED with nice! Hobby Lobby is wonderful!

Josh and Kacie said...

Very pretty. Love the black and white. And a craft project is always fun in my book. It looks cute. Can't wait to get my hands on some Hobby Lobby!!

Grasso10 said...

Great room. I like how your curtains match your bedding. Good luck finding something to put the TV on. Also your craft project turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

pumpkinpatches said...

I am in love with your bedding! You have inspired me to go outside my comfort zone of brown LOL.

Shannon said...

Looks great Auds! I love it.
And P.S...congrats on #2!!!! I am so excited for you guys!