Monday, July 13, 2009

i'm busy with back pain

that title sums up my life right now. busy. and lots of back pain. busy b/c its the summer. and back pain b/c i'm pregnant. (its still weird to type that!!)

since the beginning of may we have been insanely busy. my little sister, lindsay, got married may 23. so, of course the whole month of may was crazy with her wedding festivities. then we had one week of break & more wedding festivities started up. katie, the baby sister, got married june 20! whoa! so it was a complete whirlwind. i think we were all really glad when both weddings had come and gone! we had about 2 weeks and then we left for FL. but during those 2 weeks the hubs was super busy with church work. we just got back from FL this past thursday night. it was an incredible trip & we were sad to come back to reality. 8 days of vacay just didn't seem like enough. now, we are home for 2 weeks. and then we leave again on the 27th for youth camp. we are taking our kids to gatlinburg for a week of fun. we're staying in one of those huge cabins in the mountains and doing fun things like dollywood & ober gatlingburg. we can't wait.

but in between now & gatlinburg we have no time to breathe. my hubby is helping give a vbs for an apartment complex in Olive Branch this week. plus, we have our monthly young adult/couples bible study, jack goes to the doctor for his 9 month check up, i'm helping my friend britt send a care package to india for some friends who are missionaries so we must go shopping. our church has a fish fry fundraiser saturday night for our mission team to honduras and sunday we are cooking out at my parents house to celebrate my dad's new job & katie's 20th birthday. whew!!! on top of all of that, i'm working today & tomorrow. which is fun but exhausting. and thats just this week.

next week. work mon & tues. i go to the doctor for my 10 week checkup on thursday. our church has vbs every night of the week. plus ben & i must shop and prepare things for youth camp. lots of stuff to do there. i also must clean my house before leaving town so that my housesitter isn't disgusted when she walks in the door. and somewhere in there i need to have some dental work done. yippee!

on top of this madness is my teething baby & my aching pregnancy back. its crazy how different my 2 pregnancies have been so far. with jack i was nauseated ALL the time. i could only eat cheerios & frozen fruit for 6 weeks. i'm not lying. plus, i vomited a lot & was super duper tired. with this baby, i'm nauseated but not nearly as much. i definitely deal with it every day but i haven't thrown up. PRAISE THE LORD!! but i get very motion sick in the car. it only takes about 15 minutes in the car & i'm ready to spill the beans. thank goodness i haven't yet. i always pack crackers & water for the car! (so i'm super nervous about how i will do on a 7 hour drive to gatlinburg!!) but i have tons of back pain with this baby. which i didn't really experience with jack until i hit about 24 weeks. my doctor told me that some of it is due to my retro tilted uterus. having jack has caused it to tilt back, which equals more back pain for me. awesome. i mean, i'm not gonna lie. i'm a baby. i will fully admit it. i always have been. but i'm not being dramatic when i say, my back kills!!! my hubby can attest to it. there have been a few days i have been in tears. and of course, i'm super tired. who wouldn't be at 9 weeks pregnant & trying to keep up with an almost 9 month kid. who by the way, is trying SO hard to crawl & pull up on everything. crazy!

but i'm thankful for the back pain. i know some women would kill to experience it. this baby is a blessing. but still, my back. geez o pete. tylenol has become my daily bff. i just wanted to document some of the differences between jack & this little one!

so being busy + a teething baby + back pain = one crazy preggo mama! happy monday!

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Audra said...

Wow! You ARE busy! I applaud you! I would be bald by the end of July!