Friday, August 7, 2009

Etsy is the Besty!

so. i am still behind on my blogging. we've been taking pictures like crazy so i've been lazy & not uploaded them yet. i will do that, for sure, this weekend. but for now i wanted to post about my new love affair with Etsy. it is incredible. i don't know if you've ever been there, but you should check it out. there is a whole world of great stuff for every single occasion or just for your home. i've been really itching with Christmas spirit lately, so i headed over to Etsy the other day to browse. i wanted to share one of my finds!!

isn't this adorable?!!! i'm in love with it. its my custom made Christmas tag! LOVE it!

i found these & i just couldn't believe the deal that i got!! only one of them came with ribbon, but i'm wishing now that i had ordered the rest of them like that. o well, i can always go to Michael's & pick up some ribbon & do it myself. if you look closely, you can see that the cardstock is embossed with different patterns. amazing. i can't wait to use these this year. i'm thinking i'm gonna head back over there & order some regular tags that i can use year round as gift tags. yay!!

ok. now let me give you some info on how you can get these yourself. first let me give a BIG shout out to Sally. she is the fab lady who makes these adorable little tags! she has her very own etsy shop called Your Shop Name Here. its adorable. go there to find all the different tags that she makes. now, the good part. you can get 25 of these tags for $6.50!! uhhmazing. but i went ahead & splurged. i got 50 for $13!! i mean, now thats a great deal people. i'll be able to use these for awhile. she's been so helpful. you literally pick everything. the font, font color, graphic, wording, cardstock color, embossing on cardstock & she gives the option of buying them as hang tags. i ordered them yesterday & talked with her a few times. she had an example ready for me just hours later & she even shipped them today. now that is super service! i'll definitely be ordering from her again! so please, go here & check out her cute little shop! tell her audrey sent you! if you don't already have a free account with etsy, then just set one up. i believe you may also need a PayPal account. Thanks, Sally!!

Happy Shopping Ya'll!!


Sally said...

Wow. That was really nice. Thank you so much! ~ Sally

Katie Kubler said...

These are adorable!!!