Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nifty Nine Months

9 months has come & gone so very fast. i can't believe that we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday in 3 months. crazy. we are loving every minute of being with him. He is such a sweet little joy.

Sweet Boy,
mommy & daddy can't believe that you are getting so big!! you're already 9 months old. you're growing up so fast, we just want you to stay little forever! you have been so much fun this past month. you've learned to do so many new things & everyday you discover something fun & exciting! we are so proud of you & the little person you're becoming. this month was extra special b/c we had your baby dedication! i can't wait to post about that. you're such a special little boy & we love you more than anything in this world!!!

here are some fun things you're doing this month:
* you are SO close to crawling. you get up on your knees & rock back & forth. or you crawl forward one little step & then move back 2 or 3 steps!! you want soo badly to get up & go!!
* you love to sit in your high chair now. you look so big in it.
* you love fruit loops, pancakes, apples, french fries, real whole green beans, bananas, shortbread cookies, sweet potatoes & vanilla wafers
* you love using a sippie cup & you've gotten really good at it!
* you still love that bouncy chair
* you've put yourself on a great little schedule. you're napping 2xce a day for over an hour each time
* you go to bed between 7-7:30 each night & you sleep till 6 or 7 the next morning
* you are finally in a size 3 diaper, although they are still a little big for you
* you can still wear some size 3-6 months & 6 months clothing. but you can also wear some things that are size 9 months.
* you love to sit up in your stroller or in a shopping cart & look around
* you love to sit in the bath tub & splash, splash, splash!
* you put EVERYTHING in your mouth. we have to really be careful about what is around you now
* you move really quickly by rolling, scooting or crawling (almost)
* you went on your 3rd vacation to Gatlinburg & you did so well. you're quite the little traveler!!
* your new favorite game is to pick up stuff & drop it. you do this over & over & over.

you don't like:
* for mom or dad to leave the room
* when you don't get a full nap
* cheerios
* squash. which is weird b/c you loved it the past couple of months
* pureed baby food vegetables
* when you can't figure out a toy
* when we take something away from you
* the vacuum cleaner. you've become really scared of it
* when people laugh. you get so scared. we think its kinda funny. but the sudden outburst of noise seems to bother you. bless your heart.

you are such a happy little boy. everyone always asks me if you are always so calm & sweet. and you really are, everyday with you is a blessing! we're so excited about the next few months with you as you turn 1 & we enter the holiday season. and of course, we can't wait for you to be a big brother soon! we love you more with every passing day. everything we do is for you. happy 9 months boogey, we love you!!!

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