Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Terrific Ten Months

(he was making silly faces so it was really hard to get him to smile!)

here we are. in the double digits. insane. in 2 months he will be 1 year old. i know i say this every single month, but time truly is flying. sometimes i still can't believe that i'm a mom with a little one entering the toddler phase. i mean, its what i've always wanted & dreamed of & now that i'm living it, it almost seems to good to be true. every month is more & more fun with Jack. i think this past month has been my favorite. (i know, i say that every month!!!) He has learned more & more about what it means to be a toddler. i really think he'll be walking by the time he turns one. he's just made so much progress in the past month. what a blessing it is to be his momma. i seriously can't think of anything i'd rather be doing. being mom is hard, trying, exhausting & super sacrificial but none of that compares to the feeling i get when i walk in his room & see him standing up in his crib reaching for me & smiling. be still my heart. aaaahhh. pure bliss is what i feel in my role as Jack's mom. I just praise the Lord b/c He knew that i needed Jack in my life, He always knows what is best for His children. Thank you Lord, for the sweet blessing of our little Jack.

Precious Boy,
you are so special to us. we love you more & more every single day. we have loved every minute with you & we are so excited to watch you grow & learn. we are thankful for your sweet, content spirit. already, you are showing us signs of your imagination & creativity. when we lay you down for a nap, you will just sit in your crib & talk, giggle, crawl, pull up, babble & gaze around the room without shedding a tear before you finally fall asleep. you have learned so much lately. you can now pull up on just about anything & you are crawling all over this house. we are just having so much fun with you. you have the sweetest smile that just lights up a room. you love for mom, dad or lola to walk in the room; you just get so excited & start squirming to get to us. we praise the Lord for you everyday & we are so excited to experience every new stage with you!! happy 10 months sweet boy. we love you!

you LOVE:

* bananas, spaghetti (you tried this for the 1st time this month), yogurt, apple juice, sweet potatoes, pickles, orange juice (you've only tried this twice), french fries, bagels, fruit loops & so much more

* crawling all over our house. we have to keep the doors closed to all the rooms b/c you will go in there & get into stuff.

* lola's water bowl. you've discovered it & now all you want to do is knock it over & splash in the puddle you've created on the floor! you're so cute, even if you make a giant mess!

* the refrigerator. for some reason you just can't get enough. you always crawl over to it & want to grab our colorful letter magnets or look at all the pictures.

* dad's collectible ninja turtle figurines. (yes, daddy is still a little boy in some ways!) dad has them in his office on top of a dresser. every time you go in that room, you notice them & you just get so excited! you start smiling, giggling & squirming to get to them. you just want to stare at them & touch them. its so funny

* playing in your crib. we can put you in there in the mornings if we need a little more sleep & you are just so content to play, talk, giggle & pull up on the railings. you don't even need any toys in there! but we give you some anyways. nap times are no problem, you just play until you get sleepy. we are so thankful for such a happy baby.

* your big boy car seat. you are still rear facing but you love that you are sitting up now. you look out the window & just babble away.

* your ball. you just got 2 of them this past month & you love to roll them back & forth to us. you just get the biggest kick out of it

* bath time. this is still your very favorite. you just splash away & get fussy when we get you out of the tub

* your bouncy seat. you could sit in that thing all day long & bounce till your legs fall off. its the best $30 we've ever spent!

You aren't too crazy about:

* getting your diaper changed or changing clothes. you are far too busy to pause life for 3 minutes to get either of these things done!

* when mom or dad leave the room. you are still dealing with some separation issues. but thats normal & okay with us. we love that you love us so much.

* when all of your food is gone. you just get so mad! we can't help but crack up. sorry!

* green beans & oranges. you just don't want to have anything to do with them

you are still wearing 6 month size clothing & a size 3 diaper. you are starting to be able to wear a few things that are 9 month size. you're getting close to 19 or 20 lbs. we just can't believe how much you've grown these past 10 months. love you boo boo!

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Katie Kubler said...

I love that he tried spaghetti! I can't wait to see him Monday! He is growing up TOO fast!