Saturday, September 19, 2009

Creamy Basil Pasta

if you are a lover of all things pasta, like me, then this recipe is for you! i stumbled upon this yummy dinner last night! the hubs & i were at Sam's picking up some stuff yesterday. this pasta was one of the samples that we could try. we tried it & loved it. so i bought the box & we decided to have it for supper last night. so so so yummy & so so so easy. it only took 20 minutes to cook & everything cooks in one pan, so easy clean up. that's what i'm talking about! i know you can definitely buy this at walmart, i've seen it.

in the box, comes everything you see here:

you just follow the easy peasy directions & voila, a yummy dinner. i did throw in some cooked cubed chicken breast. i think it would also be yummy with peas, bell peppers, shrimp (if you like it, which i don't!) basil pesto or anything else your family likes. now, we all know that at Sam's you have to buy things in bulk. so the box i bought was double of what you see above. so i decided i'd go ahead & make all of it b/c most box meals hardly make enough to feed 2 people. well, that was NOT the case with this box meal. 2 boxes made more than enough for 2 people & we have plenty left over for lunch today! yippee & yummo!

here is the finished product:

now. how yummy does this look?!! it really is so good. give it a try. we'll be making this a go to meal for us from now on. if you would like a recipe for a tomato based Basil Chicken Pasta then check out my cutie pie little sister's blog. i know katie would appreciate the visitors & her recipe is super yummy too. but different enough that you wouldn't feel like you're making the same recipe. check it out & happy eating!!!!!

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