Friday, September 18, 2009

Show us your Life, Dinner Recipes

kelly's korner is having a dinner recipe tour which i am super excited about. i LOVE cooking and i love trying new recipes. so i can't wait to load up on new stuff to try. i've been meaning to upload about 4 or 5 new recipes but i keep forgetting to take pictures of the food as i'm preparing it. but i will do that super soon! so i'm just reposting a recipe i posted before. its super yummy & perfect for this time of year. we love it.

Chicken n Dumplins

so. i found this GREAT recipe. from it's a home made chicken n dumplins recipe that you make in the crock pot. it is amazing!!! i altered it a little bit. it needed a few things, but it is great, and it's really easy. it cooks all day and it makes plenty! ben and i LOVE it!!! i love finding new recipes and trying them out. so i thought i would share the love! enjoy.

3-4 FROZEN boneless skinless chicken breast ( this makes more than enough for 2 people)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 14 oz can chicken broth
1 1/2 cans water. ( i just use the chicken broth can after i empty it!!)
2-3 tbsp butter/margarine
chopped onion. ( i just use the chopped onion pieces you can buy in the spice aisle, ben doesn't like onion, so i try not to overdue it) the original recipe calls for 1/2 an onion.
1-2 8oz cans biscuits (depending on how many dumplins you like)
** seasonings. i just use garlic powder, season all, black pepper, salt, oregano. i just sprinkle to taste.

* place frozen chicken breast in crock pot
* pour soup, broth, water, butter, onion on top of chicken
*sprinkle seasonings on top and stir. you can use any combination of seasonings you want. i would recommend the season all.
*cook on LOW 8-9 hours

** you add the biscuits the last 2.5 to 3 hours. make sure you push them down in the soup mixture so they absorb the juices.
** i use 2 cans of biscuits b/c i like extra dumplins. otherwise it seems like too much chicken. **take the biscuits out of the can and pull apart into small pieces before placing them in the crockpot. it will seem like a lot of biscuits to put into the crock pot, but they shrink down.

** you could use thawed chicken but i've found that the chicken is a lot more tender if it starts out frozen. it will just sort of fall apart!! plus, you don't have to wait for it to thaw!!

*** let me know if you try it and like it! i would love to hear about some of your favorite recipes!


Kimberly said...

OOO! I've been wanting to try a good chicken n dumplings recipe!!

Paige Tillman said...

I'm planning on trying this real soon! Sounds easy and good! Thanks!

Lexie said...

Ok, I finally printed this so I won't have to keep coming and finding it! :) Thanks! We add usually add whatever veggies we have on hand to this recipe for some added flavor and nutrition. It's a favorite for sure!