Friday, September 11, 2009

We Will Remember

today is 9/11/09. i can't believe its been 8 years since the towers went down & our country realized just how vulnerable we are. i'll never forget where i was when i heard about the attacks. i was a freshman in nursing school. i was in the car, on park avenue in memphis, driving to class. i was listening to some song on the radio when the morning dj's interrupted to notify their audience that a plane had crashed into one of the twin towers. i continued to school & when i walked in the door, all the tv's were on & everyone was talking about it. classes were cancelled & i went straight home. i remember being glued to the tv all day long. i was teary-eyed as i heard about the 2nd tower going down, the pentagon being attacked & the plane full of people that took down the hijackers and crashed into a field in pennsylvania. i couldn't believe that so many people lost their loved ones or they just couldn't find them. it was just heartbreaking. i remember the feelings of anger that surged through my body as i thought about how some terrorists had gotten away with killing so many Americans. i couldn't believe the hatred that existed in our world.

i remember praising the Lord for those policemen, firemen & American citizens who had sacrificed their safety & even their lives to save others. i have a new respect for men and women who serve our country everyday. i remember the speech President Bush gave that day. you could see the hurt, grief & anger on his face. i wanted so badly for every American to band together & take out those responsible for what happened to us. its strange how i felt so protective of people i had never met. i cried out to the Lord to give us wisdom & to heal this nation, asking him to restore our country to Himself.

it has been 8 years to the day. but we can NOT forget about what our country endured that day. we must continue to be thankful and praise the Lord for our safety & for those who serve our country daily!

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