Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Volunteer

college football is officially upon us. the madness has begun. and around my house & in my hubby's family, it is serious business. i'm not kidding. every year, when fall rolls around, the Tennessee Vols gear comes out and the family begins bleeding orange. my in-laws go to 90% of the games and my hubby watches every single UT game on tv. my television is officially taken over on the weekends, but i've gotten to the point where i don't mind. i actually enjoy it now. i might as well embrace it. every october, the whole williams family meets in knoxville for a home game. we stay in cabins in the mountains for about 4 days. its a blast.

this year's football season will be even more fun b/c jack is now old enough to dress up in his orange UT clothes and take part (somewhat) in the festivities. his main job is just to look cute! so of course, when i got pregnant with him, we were loaded up with baby UT stuff. last year, it was all too big but this year, ben has busted it out. he has declared that Jack will sport his UT clothes every game. its hilarious. every saturday, ben gets up & puts on his Tennessee shirt & gets Jack dressed in his orange. i even throw on some orange. we took some pictures of Jack in one of his outfits to send around to some family. i thought i would share some, since he's so darn cute in them!!!

how cute is this face?!!!!!

this little outfit was just too cute on him!

standing up to cheer on the Vols!!!

playing with Lola; i LOVE that little grin!

"um, mom. what is this thing?!!"

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just the two of us! said...

he is too adorable. i love that little outfit on him! aunt lindsay and uncle ryan will have to get him so ms state gear! :) tell jack i love him!