Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Jovie

i am sitting on the couch, watching the Today Show, as your big brother plays so contently on the floor beside me. lola is laying on the back of the couch & daddy is at school. and you are 26 weeks old, growing like crazy inside my belly. we have less than 3 months until your arrival & we are getting more & more excited about it by the day. i bought your first little outfit, a summer dress, on sale at Target last week. its precious & i can't wait to put you in it!

we have an ultrasound for you, next week, & i can't wait to see you again. i just love to watch you squirm around on that monitor. after that appointment, i will be 28 weeks along, & begin my weekly doctor's appointments to check my blood pressure. i am praying that my BP is not an issue this time & that you are able to stay in my tummy until you reach 39 weeks. your health is the most important thing to us & we are praying that no matter when you come, that you are as strong & healthy as Jack was at his birth. i know you are strong b/c i can feel your powerful little kicks & jabs at this very moment. you are quite the fiesty little girl!

i can't wait to see what your little personality is like. i am already praying about that. i certainly want you to be an individual with funny traits & sweet characteristics all your own. i do not expect you to be 100% like Jack. but i have been asking Jesus to bless you with a content spirit, playful attitude & great ability to sleep like your big brother!! since you & Jack will only be 15 months apart, i need a few things to help make my transition from 1 baby to 2 a little easier!!
Jack is so much fun & has been such a joy for us & we know that you will be just as wonderful. i just can't wait to watch you & Jack play together.

i'm looking forward to all the many wonderful memories we will share with you. this christmas you will be in my tummy, but i can't wait for next christmas when you will be here to celebrate with us!!! i can't wait for our family vacations, birthdays, holidays, summers, play times & outings. i am so excited & grateful that you will grow up knowing how much we love you & how much Jesus loves you. i promise to always carry you to church & teach you about the love of Christ. i'm praying already, that you & Jack spend your lives serving Jesus. it is the only way you will ever truly find peace & joy. you will just love your big brother. he is so sweet & so very loving. you two will have so much fun together. i'm so glad you will have a playmate for life. i'm already praying that you become best friends!! you are so blessed to have such a wonderful fun godly daddy. he is already so crazy about you, he prays for you several times a day & he can't wait to hold his little girl. i know he will always take care of you & raise you as Jesus would want him to. you also have a huge & loving extended family that is just so excited about your arrival!!!

daddy & i are so excited about having a little girl. we feel so blessed to have a boy & now we get to have a girl!! how fun to have one of each! i can't wait to dress you up, take you shopping & do all the fun girly things!! we'll just send daddy & jack off to a ball game or something!! your little life is such a blessing already. you were not a planned baby, you took us completely by surprise. but i wouldn't have it any other way. the Lord knew that you needed to be here & a part of our little family & we are honored that He chose us to be your parents. i am counting down the days until i get to hold you, love on you & show you off to the world! but keep growing strong for now!!!

we love you, Jovie jellybean! you are such a joy already. i feel so blessed to be your mommy & i can't wait to take care of you. you are already such a blessed little girl!!



Audra said...

How sweet! I'm so excited for you. What a blessing to have a boy AND girl, especially so close together in age! What blessed parents you are!

Luke & Amanda said...

So so sweet! What a precious gift!

Shannon said...

Girl, she will be here before you know it! I am so excited for you guys. =)

Ps...praying for you BP checks!