Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jack @ 12 months

ok. so this post is basically for me & my memory. we took Jack for his 12 month appointment this past thursday. (he was 3 weeks late going b/c he had bronchitis & couldn't receive his shots.) Dr Bubba said he was doing great & growing really well. he received 5 shots, including a flu & a swine flu shot. we are so thankful for Dr Bubba & all of his help!! Jack is a busy little boy & below is listed what he's been up to lately!

12 month stats:

*weight: 19 lbs 8 oz. this puts him in the 15-20th%. Dr Bubba said that this was actually really good & that it was setting him up to be a healthy weight in the future. yay Jack!

*height: 29 inches. he's in the 50th% in this category; which according to his weight is great.

* head: 42 cm or 16 inches. he's in the 50th% here too.

a few things Jack is doing at 12 months:

* he has switched, completely, from formula to whole milk. we have to put a little bit of chocolate in it so he will drink it. but we've been able to cut back on this & he's doing well. he gets 3 cups of milk per day, each are 6-8 oz. one morning, we offered him formula & he just turned it down & was only interested in the chocolate milk. he hasn't turned back since!

* he has completely given up his paci. this makes me a little sad. i mean, i know he needed to give it up by the time he was 2, but it just happened so randomly & so fast. one day, he just didn't want it anymore. he is growing up so so fast.

* he has been really picky with his solid foods lately. he LOVES yogurt & bread. but he's pretty turned off by everything else. when we talked to Dr Bubba, he suggested cutting back to only 3 cups of milk per day. (he was getting 4 or 5, he loves having something to drink). he said by cutting back, he would have more room in his tummy for food, which would result in showing interest in other things besides bread or yogurt. he said the rest of the day Jack could have water or juice b/c they aren't as filling as milk. this suggestion has actually worked really well for us. Jack now gets milk with breakfast, lunch & right before bed.

* since we have altered his milk schedule, Jack has been eating much better. for breakfast he usually has 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, lightly buttered. for lunch he has enjoyed a whole peanut butter sandwich & apples. for supper, he's had yogurt, bread, chicken & fruit. he's also enjoyed bananas & mashed potatoes. everyday, i'm just trying something new. he's still really picky about textured things, but Dr Bubba said that is normal & with time, he'll get over that.

* Jack goes to bed between 7 & 8 pm, with no argument. lately, he's been wanting to wake up at 5:45 or 6 & begin to play. but, of course, this is exhausting for us! so, we've been pushing him back until 6:45 or 7. he just has SO much energy every morning!

* he is a pro at holding on to something & walking. he has started standing by himself for a minute or two at a time & he is just so proud of himself! its really very cute.

* he still LOVES to open & shut cabinets, swing doors open, close the refrigerator door, play with things inside the refrigerator, play with any type of ball, bounce in his bouncy seat, watch his videos, talk & play in the mirrors, and play with anything that makes noise. he also loves to dance! he can't just stand still, he's got to sway or rock back & forth. its adorable!!!

* he is starting to learn how to show his frustrations. he grunts loudly when he doesn't like something. although we aren't afraid to pop him on the hand when he disobeys, we haven't had to do that yet. he's very sensitive to the tone of our voices. we can usually just say "no sir" very firmly & he cries & immediately stops what he's doing. he's pretty sensitive & so sweet.

* he's going through a separation anxiety phase. he doesn't like when either one of us leaves the room & he will follow us by crawling, any where we go!!

* he experienced his first shower, instead of bath, the other day & LOVED it!! he just loves to sit on the floor of the shower & kick water around & play with toys while we bathe him. he still really enjoys bath time, but if we are in a hurry & we also need to get showered, we just let him shower with one of us. he's still very little & doesn't understand nudity!!! of course, this won't always be the case & we'll obviously adjust to that!

* he has such a happy, joyful & contented spirit. he's always playful, smiling, laughing & loving on everyone. we really do feel so blessed to have such an "easy" baby to take care of, we're praying Jovie is just as content. he is great with independent play & can easily entertain himself with just about anything. he loves to give kisses to us & we just love those sweet baby kisses!

* he takes 1 nap a day for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. he goes down for naps & bed time without a fight!!

* he gets bored in his car seat after about 20 minutes. i can't wait until we can turn that thing around! he only has to gain 12 more ounces & then we can.

* he wears size 9 month clothes, but can fit into a few 12 month pieces. he's not a big fan of shoes but when he wears them, he's in a size 3 & they are still big on him. he's in a size 3 diaper.

* he is very attached to his little lovie blanket. he gets so excited when we give it to him. he has to have it for naps & bedtime or when we go somewhere. so sweet.

i think thats about all for now. i know this post is long & most people probably could care less about all of this info. but like i said, its for me to remember so i can look back on this later! we are loving every single second with our sweet little boy. he's growing so much & so fast that we can hardly believe it. what a blessing he is to us. thank you Lord for our precious Jack!!

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Rachel said...

I love those little everyday facts. Jack sounds like such a sweet boy! We also--still--do "chocate mulk," as e calls it. She's still on the little side so in my mind the extra calories are a plus...whatever it takes to get her to drink her milk! Also, I hyperlinked you on my last post; hope that's ok! :)