Sunday, November 29, 2009


i really hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving with family. i know we sure did. much to my dismay, i didn't take a single picture over the weekend. i just kept forgetting my camera. uggh. i hate that. but i'll be sure to take a bunch for the month of December to make it up.

i am going to post about our thanksgiving, putting up our tree with Jack (he's actually been surprisingly great about not touching it) and some pregnancy stuff. but right now i'm feeling burned out & completely exhausted.

the main reason i'm so tired, besides being 7 months pregnant & chasing my 13 month old all day, is that i've had a gross annoying cough for 4 weeks now. it started out as an annoying little cough & over time it has progressed & gotten worse. i can not sleep at night, i wake up more tired than when i went to bed & i'm coughing every 2 minutes. its one of those gross productive coughs. i really haven't been feeling bad, just coughing. but this morning i woke up just feeling crummy. my nose is running, i feel pressure in my head, my head aches & every time i breathe i can feel all the crud in my chest. awesome. my mom & mother-in-law have been so sweet & taken Jack a few times so i can "sleep" or "sleep in" but i have no such luck.

we are busy bees around here. December is now upon us, and all the hustle & bustle has already begun. we have much to celebrate. ben's birthday, christmas & our wedding anniversary all take place in December. sheesh. talk about busy. we love this time of year & we're really excited about doing fun things with Jack & celebrating our Savior. but we also have to start thinking about Jovie & my blood pressure. i'm now at the stage of going to the doctor every 2 weeks & if at any point my BP is high, she will put me in the hospital for a 24 hour urine analysis and then i'll be put on bed rest. and if that happens, everything stops for us. i could even be hospitalized for the remainder of this pregnancy. which would be insane. so we're trying to go ahead & get ready for little girl to show up. the car seat is going in the car in a couple weeks & i'm packing a bag for both Jovie & Jack, that i can keep in the car, in case i need it in the next 6 weeks. i constantly feel the need to have my house clean in case i'm suddenly unable to do anything so that if anyone comes over here to help or pick things up for me, my house doesn't look like a war zone.

have you ever just felt so behind on house work that you could just cry?!! well, i'm at that point. i'm seriously like 4 weeks behind. i mean, i do some picking up & laundry every day but i've just been so tired & physically worn out every day that all i can do is just crawl into bed. i rush around like crazy while Jack is napping or goes to bed at night to try & get a few things done. but it never seems like enough time to accomplish all i want to get done. and i just don't have the energy to stay up until 2 am to clean my house. i really wish i did. i do have a very sweet helpful hubby who gets some things done, but our house is out of control. and even he doesn't know where to begin. and for those of you who may be thinking "just get some stuff done while Jack is awake & playing" you obviously don't have a toddler. no offense, but just taking care of my kid is a completely full time job. not to mention i do work 2 days a week, where i'm out of our home & keeping 2 other little kids. so those 2 days i get nothing done around our house. we've decided that doing Jovie's nursery & creating a big boy room for Jack are just going to have to wait until after she is born. we just don't have the time right now. a few months ago this thought would've highly annoyed me, but now, i'm completely ok with it. Jack won't be moving out of his crib until Jovie is ready to move into it & that won't be until she is at least 3 months old. so, its not just not a priority for me right now.

ok. i'm done & off my soap box. but can you see, a little bit, about how overwhelmed & truly exhausted i am?! i mean, good gravy. i have 9.5 weeks until my little girl gets here & in the middle of all that, Christmas. and life. everyone keeps telling me not to stress or not to be so tired b/c that could cause my BP to get haywire. but just how am i supposed to do that?! o well. i know it will all get done somehow & i'll look back on all of this one day and laugh. right?! i really hope so!

have a happy Sunday everyone. and Happy Holidays. revel in the craziness & try to get some rest. if you can't, just come clean my house!!!

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Audra said...

GIRL! If anyone frets over your house, they have never walked in your shoes! Do what you can and seriously don't worry about the rest. I read a blog recently of a woman with 3 babies, the 4th on the way. She says at this point in her pregnancy, she reminds herself that as long as she has food for her family, clothes on their backs and a clean kitchen, they're doin' good! I agree with her! I'm so sorry you're still sick! I've had several relatives who've had this same bug and it lasts forever. I imagine it's even worse being preggo!

I'll be praying for a safe and healthy last 9 weeks of pregnancy. Good luck girl! Almost there!